MAP packaging machine guarantees that the food is "full of color and fragrance"

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MAP packaging machine guarantees that the food is "full of color and fragrance"

The basic principle of MAP packaging is to isolate the cooling meat from the outside of the outside world with high -resistance materials (plastic tray and blocking film). The mixed gas of oxygen and carbon dioxide internal oxygen and carbon dioxide can make the meat colorful and beautiful at the same time inhibit bacterial growth. When the packaging box keeps certain oxygen, the muscle red protein is transformed into oxygenyamin, and the muscle is bright red in the fresh meat. The proportion of the internal charging gas is: 80%and 20%or 75%and 25%of the proportion of: O2+CO2, respectively; the effect of oxygen is the bright red that consumers like the color of the meat. The color of meat is important on the psychological impact of consumers. We know that the degree of muscle red protein and oxygen in fresh meat determines the color of fresh meat. 80%oxygen is charged in the closed container, so that the meat is not only bright, but not the oxygen is too abundant and discolored. The role of 20%carbon dioxide is to inhibit a small amount of residual bacteria during slaughter and extend the shelf life.

MAP packaging machine uses a vacuum pump replacement replacement to the product to inflatter fresh packaging. Use the vacuum pump to pump the air in the packaging to fill the mixed gas required for the extension of different foods. Products, fish, poultry, shellfish, fruits, coffee, tea, vegetables, bread and other supermarket distribution foods. Qi -tone packaging has the characteristics of keeping food, freshness, color preservation, shape, and taste.

The MAP packaging machine produced by Mingwei Company uses machine, electricity, and gas control. The programmable controller (PLC) cooperates with the touch screen to realize the human -machine interface. Each part of the action and control parameters can be set and modified by the PLC, which is convenient and reliable control. , Low fault rate, the equipment is made of SUS304 food -grade stainless steel materials and aluminum antichen alloy manufacturing, which meets the national food hygiene selection equipment standards.


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