Nutritious meals under modified atmosphere packaging

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Nutritious meals under modified atmosphere packaging

Nutritional meals under modified atmosphere packaging When talking about nutritional meals, what immediately comes to mind is that the meals include other staple foods such as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, shrimp, or coarse grains. At present, most of them involve enterprises, institutions, hospitals, and schools. Meals are basically made on the same day and delivered on the same day.

Whether nutritious meals can expand the audience area or directly enter retail channels depends on the shelf life of the packaged meals. Without adding any preservatives, the shelf life can be extended to 5-7 days. The modified atmosphere packaging can meet the shelf life of one week. However, when many industry leaders think of combining fresh-cut fruits, vegetable salads, cooked fish, shrimp, meat and staple foods for modified atmosphere packaging, it is difficult because:

Freshness gas applications in modified atmosphere packaging vary

① Fresh-cut fruits and salad vegetables: CO2 + O2 + N2

② Pasta and bakery products: N2

③ Cooked fish, shrimp, meat: CO2 + N2

Modified atmosphere packaging has different characteristics of the modified atmosphere cover film used for different products

① Fresh-cut fruits and salad vegetables: cap membrane with breathing performance

② Cooked food: cover film with high barrier performance

Big names in the industry, seeing that each of the above independent modified atmosphere packaging products can be easily solved in the selection and application of fresh air and packaging materials, then the second question, how can each independent product packaging come with a nutritious meal combination? This said.

Module combination wins the market Whether a small idea in the tray forming process can resonate with everyone. According to the positioning of different business circles and different consumer preferences, it is also possible to make any combination of different products. Is it possible to better realize the personalized competitive value of the market?

Personalized modified atmosphere packaging for nutritious meals An idea + a thermoforming modified atmosphere packaging machine will not be difficult in Zhejiang Mingwei Machinery.


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