Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Extending the Freshness of Food

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Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Extending the Freshness of Food

In order to extend the shelf life of food, new packaging technologies that are constantly developed, such as modified atmosphere packaging, anti-mold packaging, moisture-proof packaging, anti-fog packaging, anti-static packaging, selective breathable packaging, non-slip packaging, buffer packaging, etc., are widely used in developed areas. These new technologies are not widely used in my country, and some methods are still blank. The application of these advanced technologies can significantly improve the protection function of packaging.

Select packaging machinery and equipment that is compatible with food processing technology

In order to meet the needs of food processing technology, a variety of new packaging equipment has been developed, such as vacuum packaging machines, modified atmosphere packaging machines, heat shrink packaging machines, blister packaging machines, skin packaging machines, sheet thermoforming equipment, liquid filling machines. Packaging machines, forming/filling/sealing packaging machines, complete sets of aseptic packaging equipment, etc. According to the selected packaging materials and packaging process methods, the selection or design of packaging machinery matched with food processing technology and production capacity is the guarantee of successful packaging. Modified atmosphere packaging machine has a good effect on food preservation.

Packaging and decoration design and brand awareness of packaging design Packaging and decoration design should conform to the hobbies and habits of consumers and consumers in exporting countries. The pattern design can be coordinated with the contents. The trademark should be in an obvious position, and the text description should meet the food requirements. Product descriptions should be truthful. Trademarks should be catchy, easy to understand, easy to spread, and can play a role in general publicity. The packaging design of branded products should have brand awareness. The packaging of some products can be easily replaced, which affects sales. For example, China's Lao Liujo Vinegar has a good reputation in Japan and Southeast Asia. The packaging is suspect. Therefore, a product should be scientifically packaged and cannot be easily changed.

Packaging is everywhere in life. I believe that with the development of science and technology, more high-quality packaging products will emerge as the times require. At the same time, it will also become a trend that determines people's purchasing trends.


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