Advantages of vacuum packing machine

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Advantages of vacuum packing machine

The -type vacuum packaging machine was born to help companies solve the labor shortage problem; it is a type of automatic vacuum packaging machine. Because the -type vacuum packaging machine uses a robot to automatically take the , print the date, open the , measure, and drop The material, sealing and output products realize the unmanned vacuum packaging operation, so the  vacuum packaging machine is more conducive to the long-term development of the enterprise.



Next, we will summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the  vacuum packaging machine, and the advantages of the  vacuum packaging machine are reflected in the following aspects:



1. Save labor


Because the -type vacuum packaging machine adopts the robot to automatically take the , print the date, open the , measure, blank, seal, and output the product, no manual operation is required during the whole process, which saves the labor input of the enterprise and solves the problem of labor difficulty in today's society.



2. Improve output and packaging efficiency


The manual packaging method also requires manual metering and ging. If the output of manual packaging is 3t per hour, the output of the  vacuum packaging machine can reach 5 to 15t per hour (depending on the characteristics of the material, the speed is also different, Fine powder may be slow).


3. Improve the corporate image


The application of workshop automation and mechanization can improve the soft power of the enterprise. Due to the increase in work efficiency, when the enterprise is still working overtime and rushing to order, the factory that uses the -type equipment has completed the order in advance and invested in the production of the next order. In this way, this way of working makes customers more willing to choose to cooperate with us.


4. Easy for enterprise management


Unlike mechanical equipment, mechanical equipment has many uncontrollable factors. Such as asking for leave, suspected of low wages, changing jobs, etc. However, mechanical equipment will not. As long as daily maintenance is done, not only do you not have to worry about the problem of leave and job-hopping, but you can also work all day and no holidays.


5. Small footprint


The length of the equipment for the  vacuum packaging machine is 2500 × 1900 × 1750mm and the length of the small stretch film equipment is 4500 × 800 × 1750mm, so compared with the stretch film vacuum packaging machine, the  vacuum packaging machine saves space and the enterprise also You do not have to worry about the factory problems.


6. Low noise


The design of the -type equipment is compact. Since one equipment can meet the output of multiple small equipment, the noise of the workshop is reduced, and a good working environment is provided for the workers in the production process.



7. Automatic detection function


The  can be recycled, and the equipment is equipped with a detection function. If the  is not filled, the equipment will not heat seal the  so that the  can continue to be used without causing waste; and the detection function can also detect equipment failure, failure, malfunction The reason can be displayed on the touch screen, saving time for maintenance workers.


8. It can realize one machine with multiple uses


The -type vacuum packaging machine can be used for one machine and package multiple products. Because the -type equipment uses motor control, it can adjust multiple stations at one time, so even if packaging multiple specifications of products, adjusting the equipment is not necessary. Too much time.


Of course, no matter how advanced the equipment is, it will not be perfect, but it will also have shortcomings. For the -type vacuum packaging machine, there are the following shortcomings, you can learn about it and choose to use the equipment:


1. Limitations of packaging size


Although the -type vacuum packaging machine can be used in one machine, it has certain limitations on the size of the  in terms of the current domestic technology. The size of the  cannot be large. The general  size is 120-320mm, and the width is 70-220mm. s that are too small or too large will affect the packaging effect.



2. Selection of feeding method


It is more troublesome to change the feeding method for the  vacuum packaging machine. It is generally not recommended that the manufacturer has a host with multiple feeding equipment, so when purchasing equipment, you must determine your own products, such as granular products like rice, dried fruit will choose Electronic multi-head scale feeding; solid products like pickles will choose screw type for feeding.


3. Equipment maintenance


Whether it is a  vacuum packaging machine or an ordinary vacuum packaging machine, if you want a long service life, you need to maintain and maintain the equipment. The maintenance is timely. The general equipment life is 8-10 years, or even longer, without maintenance. It can be used for 5-8 years; the measurement accuracy is not accurate, and the equipment needs to be replaced.


With the changes of the times, the requirements of enterprises for product packaging equipment will become higher and higher, and manual operations will be replaced by intelligent, mechanized, and automated equipment. Enterprises will reduce manual investment and realize unmanned workshops have become a long-term development of the enterprise. Key, so the  vacuum packaging machine will become the equipment of choice for enterprises.


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