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What is automatic premade bag packaging machine?

A packaging machine that automatically completes the processes of taking, printing, opening, material measuring, filling, sealing, and conveying premade pouch.

The requirement of automatic premade bag packaging machine

bag taken ratio

The ratio of the number of successful bag taken to the total number of bag taken

The bag taken rate of packaging machine should not be less than 99%


bag opened ratio

The ratio of the number of successful bags opened to the total number of open bags

The opening bag rate of the packaging machine should not be less than 99%


bag damaged ratio

The ratio of the number of damaged bags to the total number of bags under normal operating conditions

The bag damaged rate should not be more than 1%


net weight

Actual weight of inner mass after removal of packaging containers and other flexible packaging materials

Notes: Regardless of the packaging material of the product or any other material packaged with the product, it is not recorded as net weight


Table1  Precision of net weight

Marked net weight of weight or volume quantitative packaging

Qng or ml

Precision of net weight


g or ml























production capacity

The number of finished products produced per unit time when the packaging machine is in stable production. 


qualified packaging case ratio

Under the condition that the net weight precision is qualified, the ratio of the packaging case number that pass the appearance quality, heat seal strength, sealing and drop test to the total inspected packaging case number should not be less than 98%


Working conditions

The pressure of the compressed air source supplied by the control system should be 0.5MPa~0.8MPa.

The deviation between the supply voltage and the rated voltage should be kept within the range of -10%~+5%

The environment temperature of the work room should be 5℃~35℃, the relative humidity should not be more than 70% and the altitude should not be more than 1000m.


Appearance quality of packaging pouch

The sealing of the packaging pouch of the packaging machine should be smooth, the indentation or embossing should be clear and there should be no wrinkles, burning and crushing damage. The production date, production batch number and anti-channel conflict label of the packaging pouch should be clear and firm, and the printing position should be consistent. The deviation of the sealing width of the premade bag should not be more than ±2mm.


Heat sealing strength

The heat-sealing parts of the packaging pouch should be made of materials that are easy to be heat-sealed and the heat-sealing strength should meet the value listed in Table 2.


Table 2  Heat sealing strength

Material thicknessMarked byR”)

Heat sealing strength  N/15mm









Notes: The material thickness mentioned in the table refers to the thickness of the heat sealing layer material


Airtightness of packaging pouch

The packaging pouch seal should be intact and free of leakage after airtightness and drop test


Qualified packing machine ratio

The qualified rate of packaging machine should not be less than 98%



Sound pressure of no-load noise in the packaging machine should not be more than 80dB (A)


Selection of premade pouch

Premade pouch should meet below requirements:

a)The premade bag should arrange destaticizing and there should be no water or foreign matter inside or outside the bag.

b)There should be no adhesion between premade bags

c) Size error of premade bag should be less than +15mm

d)The quality requirements of premade bags should meet the requirements of relevant national standards and industry standards such as GB/T10004

e)The film thickness of the premade bag should be more than 0.06 mm, should be uniform with a certain stiffness and smoothness, and there should be no twists

f)In the process of clamping, straightening and heat sealing, the preamde bag filled with materials should prevent material overflow from affecting the sealing quality and there should be sufficient transition space in the bag.


Three common types of sealing bags and their application features

Three-side sealing bag

Our common snack foods, rice, tea, facial masks, etc. in supermarkets are usually packaged in three-side sealed bags. In terms of bag types, three-side sealed bags are the simplest and most common. Its style is sealed on three sides and one side is open, leaving only one opening for users to put products. Its advantages are: good air tightness, excellent moisturizing and sealing performance; high barrier degree, extremely low oxygen and moisture permeability; strong ability to prevent moisture and mildew; bright and beautiful appearance, non-toxic and tasteless.  It can be expanded into a three-dimensional bag shape and the space utilization rate is high.


In addition to the points mentioned above, the three-side seal bag is highly expandable and can be customized according to needs. Resealable zippers, easy-open and hanging holes for shelf display can all be implemented on the three-side seal bag.

2. Back sealing bag

The back-sealed bag is also called pillow bag and middle-sealed bag. The bag consists of three seams on the top, bottom and back to form a pillow shape. The back-sealed bag adopts a hidden longitudinal sealing edge, which ensures the integrity of the front pattern of the package to the greatest extent. In the process of packaging design, the bag pattern is designed as a whole to keep the picture coherent, exquisite, and the appearance is distinctive. The seal of the back-sealed bag is on the back, the pressure bearing capacity of both sides of the bag is stronger, and the possibility of packaging damage is greatly reduced. Among the packaging bag of same size, the total sealing length of back-sealing bag is the smallest, which will reduce the probability of the seal cracking to a certain extent. Finally, the back sealing bag can effectively reduce the cost of packaging materials and the consumables is small. It can reduce the consumption of packaging materials by about 40% without affecting the production speed and the cost advantage is obvious.


And its inherent advantages of moisture-proof, waterproof, insect-proof and preventing products from scattering make the back sealing bag widely used. The bag is mainly used for product packaging and storage of medicines, cosmetics, food, frozen food, etc. 

3. Four-side sealing bag


After the four-side sealing bag is formed into a bag, Its four sides are both heat-sealed. Usually a whole piece of packaging film is divided into two halves. The overall heat sealing and single bag cutting method is adopted. Controlling the alignment of one side during production can achieve a good packaging effect. Therefore, in terms of packaging materials and production equipment, it has high adaptability and stability. The four-side sealing bag will become a cube shape after packing product and the packaging effect is good. It can be used for food preservation and is suitable for multiple recycle. Using the new printing process, the packaging pattern and trademark can be more prominent and the visual effect is outstanding. The four-side sealed bag is resistant to cooking, moisture-proof and vacuuming effect is good. In addition to the characteristics that other packaging bags can also have, its strong anti-oxidation, anti-static and other characteristics can better protect the product from damage due to external environmental factors and efficiently extend shelf life.

Advantages of automatic premade pouch packing machine

1.The use of automatic premade pouch packaging machines is conducive to the labor protection of workers. For some products that affect health, products with severe dust, poison, irritating odor or radiation packaged by hand will inevitably cause damage to their health. The use of packaging machinery can avoid it and effectively protect the environment from being polluted.
2.The use of automatic premade pouch packaging machine can effectively ensure the packaging quality. According to the requirements of the packaged products, packaged product with same specifications in the form and size can be obtained, which manual packaging can’t guarantee. It is very important for exported goods, because only mechanical packaging can achieve the standardization of packaging and meet the requirements of assembly packaging.
3.The automatic premade pouch packaging machine can realize operations that cannot be achieved by manual packaging. Vacuum packaging, air-filled automatic premade pouch packaging machines, etc., cannot be achieved by manual packaging, but these functions can be realized through machine packaging.
4.The automatic premade pouch packaging machine can ensure the hygiene of the product, because the packaging of food, medicine and other products is not allowed to be packaged by hand, and the manual contact will contaminate the product. The automatic packaging of the machine avoids direct contact with the food, medicines, etc by hand, which can ensure the hygiene quality.
5.The automatic premade pouch packaging machine can greatly improve labor production efficiency, which is faster than manual packaging, improves the production efficiency of enterprises and brings more market development space.
6.The automatic premade pouch packaging machine can reduce the cost of packaging and save costs. For some fluffy products, compression packing can reduce their volume and save space on the transportation so as to reduce the cost of packaging and also benefit for warehouse storage.
7.Automatic detection functions, such as not opening the bag, not charging, not sealing, reusing the bag, not wasting materials, saving the user's production cost, etc.
8.Wide range of packaging, choosing different meter, suitable for liquid, flavor enhancement, granule, powder, irregular block, etc.
9.Packaging bags are widely used in premade pouch and paper bag made of multi-layer composite films, single-layer PE, PP and other materials.
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