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What's cling film packaging machine

CLP350 Automatic Cling Film Packaging Machine is one of the most reliable and feature rich Cling machines on the market.  It offers exceptional performance, virtually no maintenance and an extremely low Total Cost of Ownership in a compact, easy to use system.

Automatic food tray wrapper is a series of wrapping machine that wraps and packs food or non-food products in cling film. This series of wrapping machine is designed for packaging food products on trays or without trays, including fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, poultry, sushi, cooked food, ready meals, etc, to retain freshness and presentation in supermarkets and food shops.


The automatic tray wrapping machine is called tray wrapper, but actually it’s also capable of wrapping products (vegetables and fruits) without trays, like cabbages, turnip, carrots, green pepper, cucumber, apples, peaches, etc.


CLP series Cling packaging machine introduced by mingwei Machinery and Package is a series of automatic tray wrapping machine using cling film with high efficiency, up to 15-25 packs/minute, 3-5 times faster compared to manual and semi-auto wrapping machines.


The machine is fully made of SUS304 stainless steel for best durability and food hygiene.

LTW food tray wrappers have the options to integrate with automatic weighing and labelling devices, automatic infeed and discharge conveying belts. Please read below information for details.


What is automatic food tray wrapper

Automatic food tray wrapper is a series of wrappping machines that automatically pack and wrap food products in trays or without trays with cling film. It’s designed to retain freshness and presentation of food products for a longer time.


Automatic tray wrapper applications

As ordinary manual or semi-auto cling film wrappers, automatic tray wrappers are widely used in packing and wrapping of food products in trays or without trays, including vegetables, frutis, agricultural products, cooked food, sushi, cheese, meat, fish and seafood, sandwich, etc.

Since this type of wrapping packaging doesn’t prolong shelf life of food products effectively, like vacuum packing, MAP packaging or skin packaging, cling film wrappers are usually used in supermarkets, food shops and farms that pack food products for retailing purpose in short time.


Automatic food tray wrapper machine specifications

MINGWEI Machiney and Package has introduced 2 types of automatic tray wrappers with different capacity and functions that suits various usage scenarios.




1. Efficient packaging

With an average of 25 packs per minute, the packaging efficiency is about five times that of the manual.


2. One machine multi‐energy

It combines the functions of automatic packaging, weighing and printing labels to save costs.


3. Good packaging effect

Compared with labor, the packaging is more firm and beautiful, which helps to enhance the brand value. Can be packed with or without trays, and is suitable for trays of various shapes (such as round, hexagon, etc.)


5. High‐end material selection

The whole machine adopts stainless steel to adapt to the corrosive environment such as high humidity; foreign similar equipment only partially or completely does not use stainless steel, and is easily corroded under harsh environment.


6. Comfortable operation

The interface design is simple, fast response, meet us operating habits; compared to foreign equipment, low noise, With special mute treatment, it is more comfortable to use.


7. Exquisite workmanship

Overall welding processing, equipment stability is better than similar equipment abroad.


8. Service quality

Independent research and development production, rapid response, after‐sale coverage


9. Wide choice of consumables

Applicable to all kinds of plastic wrap (PVC/PE), domestic imports can be used to save costs; some foreign equipment can only use imported plastic wrap.








20-25bag / min 

Package length


Package width


Package height


Package weight


Cling film width




Touch screen

10.2 Inch TFT color touch screen (screen ratio16:9 ) 

Display resolution


Power supply

220V / 50HZ



Working humidity




Low voltage electrical appliance


Machine material 

stainless steel 



Label Parameter


Label Type

Thermal Label 

Label paper width 


Label paper thickness

0.06 mm~0.2 mm

Print resolution 

203dpi (8 dots/mm) 

Label color 

black and white 

The maximum diameter of the paper roll 


Paper rolling strip heart diameter




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