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Cartoning Machine

A machine that uses prefabricated cartons to pack sheet, block, bottle, bag, tube, etc.

Working principle
The feeding of automatic cartoning machine is generally divided into three entrances: manual entrance, product entrance and machine box entrance. The whole process from machine pack box feeding to final packaging molding can be roughly divided into four stages: the carton is fixed by a guide rail and a push plate is used to open the carton, and there will be two forward movable card positions from the The lower lifts up and jams the sides of the carton from the front-to-back direction, allowing the box to open at right angles and move forward to the filling area. After filling in the loading area, the mechanism of the machine will fold the ears into the left and right guide rails, and then perform the closing action. Before closing the lid, the mechanism will first bend the tongue of the carton, and then a push plate pushes the lid to bend, so that the tongue is inserted into the box and the lock is fastened. The action of closing the lid is a key action, and the quality of the completion has a lot to do with the structure of the carton and the accuracy of machine adjustment.

According to the structure of the machine, the cartoning machine can be divided into: vertical cartoning machine and horizontal cartoning machine. Generally speaking, the vertical cartoning machine packs faster, but the packaging range is relatively small, generally only for a single product such as medicine board, while the horizontal cartoning machine can pack a variety of products, such as soap , medicines, food, hardware, auto parts, etc.

Cartoner Operation

1. Inspection work before starting up:
Check whether the surface of the cartoning machine is clean, check whether the voltage of the cartoning machine is normal, check whether the label is within the validity period, and check whether the screws and other parts are loose. Proceed to the next step after checking.
2. Preparation of materials and boxes:
The boxes and product instructions (document certificates) are stacked neatly and placed on the correct rack, and the materials are ensured to be delivered in the correct direction through the conveyor belt.
3. Switching operation process of the cartoning machine:
Press the switch button of the cartoning machine to adjust to the appropriate boxing speed, and the cartoning machine will pour the materials into the box in an orderly manner and do the work of closing and sealing the box.
When we need to stop the cartoning machine, press the stop button of the cartoning machine. After the machine stops completely, disconnect the power supply and clean the remaining boxes on the rack and the materials on the conveyor belt.

Cartoning machine performance requirements standard
General requirements
1. The cartoning machine should be manufactured according to the drawings and technical documents approved by the prescribed procedures.
2. The cartoning machine should run smoothly, and the moving parts and components should be sensitive, coordinated and accurate without jamming and abnormal noise.
3. The lubrication system of the cartoning machine and the connection of the air circuit should be well sealed without oil leakage or air leakage.
4. Relevant requirements for installation and safety of the pneumatic system shall comply with the provisions of GB/T 7932.

Performance requirements
1. The production capacity of the cartoning machine should reach the rated production capacity.
2. There should be no damage to the packaging carton and poor sealing effect of the packaged parts that have been boxed; the packaged materials (or pre-packaged parts) and instructions should be damaged, over-packed, under-packed or missing; the qualified rate of boxing Should not be less than 99%.
3. The noise sound pressure level of the cartoning machine should not exceed 80dB(A).
4. When the feeding system of the cartoning machine is short of materials, boxes or instructions, it should alarm or stop.
1. The control system of each circuit of the cartoning machine should meet the requirements of GB5226.1. It is safe and reliable, and the action is accurate. The electrical connectors are firmly connected; and numbered; the operation buttons should be flexible; the indicator lights should be normal; The effective operation of the emergency stop actuator terminates the subsequent command, and the operation command is valid until it is reset. Resetting shall only be possible by manual operation at the position where the emergency operation command was initiated. A reset of the command shall not restart the machine, but only allow it to be restarted.
2. The insulation resistance measured when 500Vd.c. is applied between the power circuit wire of the cartoning machine and the protective connection circuit should not be less than 1MO. 5.3.3 All exposed conductive parts of the cartoning machine should be in accordance with 8.2 in GB5226. 1 Requires connection to a protective bonding circuit. The connection between the grounding terminal or the grounding contact and the grounding metal part should have a low resistance value, and its resistance value should not exceed 0.10. 5.3.4 The circuit conductor of the electrical equipment and the protective bonding circuit should withstand a withstand voltage of at least 1s test.



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