Common methods of modified atmosphere packaging for fruits and vegetables

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Common methods of modified atmosphere packaging for fruits and vegetables

New retail strategy for agricultural products

The agricultural products that have officially entered the new retail show that they can stand the test in terms of origin, planting standards, storage capacity, etc., and the quality is evenly matched. Packaging is a big move to add value to fresh agricultural products. Decent packaging It often attracts the attention of consumers, but in the face of a crowd of similar products, it can make a difference.

Why packaging can play a key role in new retail? It is because its main consumers often only spend about ten minutes browsing the shelves. Bright, portable, hygienic and easy to handle are their consumption concepts. The packaging is undoubtedly a way to stimulate the eyeballs. At the same time, the more recognizable the appearance is, the deeper the brand impression will be.

What aspects can the packaging of agricultural products start from?

Package Design

Combined with the brand concept, the packaging design is transformed into an image logo that consumers remember the brand, and it can be recognized at a glance even on the vast shelves. Among them, not only individual pattern design is required, but also suitable packaging methods should be used according to the attributes, shape, storage methods and other factors of the agricultural products themselves.


At present, common packaging methods include modified atmosphere packaging machines for fresh and ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables, simple and low-cost plastic wrap packaging machines, and eye-catching and portable vacuum packaging. No matter what kind of packaging method, it needs to combine the characteristics of the product itself.

Plastic wrap packaging solutions

Bag type modified atmosphere packaging solution

Tray modified atmosphere packaging solution

Bag vacuum packaging solution

Stretch flexible film vacuum packaging solution

NOTE: The packaging scheme needs to consider aspects including fresh-cut processing of products, controllable temperature range, antimicrobial agent packaging materials, etc. in order to win the convenient, safe and fresh market formed by the modern consumption concept. At the same time, the ready-to-eat nature of the product will also make the product more popular in the new retail market. Zhejiang Mingwei Machinery provides you with packaging solutions that can open up new continents in new retail


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