Elements of Modified Atmosphere Packaging to Enhance Shelf Life

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Elements of Modified Atmosphere Packaging to Enhance Shelf Life

Under the premise of controllable packaging materials and controllable cold chain, the control of gas concentration in modified atmosphere packaging in production is particularly critical.

1. Whether the packaging machine can completely replace the original air during the vacuum replacement process,

2. Whether the proportion of fresh-keeping atmosphere charged is correct.

Fresh meat, clean vegetables, fruits and vegetables------It is imperative to monitor whether the filling ratio of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen is accurate.

Cheese, lo-mei cooked food----We not only need to monitor the concentration of carbon dioxide, but also the residual oxygen content in the packaged products.

When our modified atmosphere packaging products meet a good market and embark on the road of large-scale production, whether it is due to the vacuum replacement of the modified atmosphere packaging machine or any leak in the gas distribution device, the gas ratio of the whole batch of finished products is not correct, which will affect the When the product shelf life is reached, and facing losses such as returns, recalls, etc., I think every company does not want to meet.

Of course, many of our customers already have the means to configure sampling for headspace gas detection. So if you can achieve 100% control, will you be able to fall asleep more steadily?


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