How does the measuring cup granule packing machine work?

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Mwellpack is a professional granule packing machine factory from China, We offer a variety of fully automatic pellet packing solutions. In this article, we will give you a detailed introduction to the working mode of our measuring cup pellet packing machine and its advantages.

1. The Applications of measuring cup granule packaging machine

  The measuring cup type granule packaging machine uses a quantitative measuring cup to measure the material. When filling, the material falls freely into the measuring cup by its own weight.

   The scraper scrapes off the excess material in the measuring cup, and then fills the material in the measuring cup into the packaging container under the action of its own weight. middle.

   It is suitable for filling of small granules, fragments and powders with good flow properties and uniformity. Such as sugar, salt, rice, seeds, popcorn, nuts, spice powder, washing powder, etc.

   The measurement range is generally in the range of 2-2000ml, which mainly depends on the density and volume of the material.

   Please look at below video link to show you what is the whole working process about it.

2. Measuring cups working structure

   In production, because the apparent density stability of some materials is good, and the apparent density stability of some materials is poor, there are two types of measuring cups: fixed and adjustable.

Today we are introducing adjustable measuring cups. The picture below shows the drawing of the adjustable volume measuring.

How does the measuring cup granule packing machine work?cid=undefined

                                   Up-cup drawing

How does the measuring cup granule packing machine work?cid=undefined

                                Down-cup drawing

How does the measuring cup granule packing machine work?cid=undefined

  Whole measuring cup structure on machine

   The measuring cup used in this machine is composed of upper and lower parts.

   The movable measuring cup is moved up and down by adjustment, thereby changing the capacity of the combined measuring cup. The capacity of the filling material can be adjusted without changing the measuring cup. But the range of the volume of the measuring cup is limited, so the adjustable range is also limited.

   Generally, the adjustable range of our measuring cup is ±30%.

How does the measuring cup granule packing machine work?cid=undefined

   The measuring accuracy of the measuring cup type can reach 2% to 5%, which should be calculated according to the volume and uniformity of the material.

   In the first case, the material is relatively uniform, and the measurement accuracy will be relatively high, such as sugar, salt, rice, seeds, etc.

   In the second case, the material is not uniform, there will be more empty space when filling the measuring cup, so the measurement accuracy will not be as high, such as popcorn.

   If the measurement accuracy is relatively high, we recommend using an electronic scale for measurement. Here we will write an article and introduce it next time.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of measuring cup packaging machine

   3.1 The Advantages:

       (1) The mechanical structure is simple and easy to operate.

       (2) The price of the complete set of packaging equipment is lower and the cost performance is relatively high.

       (3) The metering speed is fast and the productivity is high.

       (4) The measuring cup can be changed and adjusted, suitable for packaging products of different specifications and types, and the use of products is diversified.


   3.2 Disadvantages:    

(1)  The accuracy is lower than that of electronic scales.

(2) It takes time to change the measuring cup.

   To sum up, if your budget is limited, the packaging products have a single type, and the specifications are relatively fixed, a packaging machine with a measuring cup mechanism will be the most cost-effective choice.

   Of course, as a Chinese granule packaging machine manufacturer and supplier, we also provide other fully automatic packaging solutions, such as automatic rotary pouch granule packing machine, dedicated to pre-made bags, doypack pouch.      If you want to find a machine that can pack a large capacity and have high precision requirements for the weight of each bag, you may wish to learn about our multi-head weigher vffs packaging machine.


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