How to choose a modified atmosphere packaging machine?

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How to choose a modified atmosphere packaging machine?

With the increasing acceptance of modified atmosphere packaging for cooked food and modified atmosphere packaging for fresh food in China, the use of improved gas to package perishable food has evolved into a market trend, so the requirements for food preservation technology are also getting higher and higher. It can help manufacturers increase shelf life, enhance product brand value, and consumers can find safer and traceable food. More and more manufacturers of mid-to-high-end fresh meat and cooked food have begun to use modified atmosphere packaging to push their products to the market. So how to choose a modified atmosphere packaging machine?

Modified atmosphere packaging machines have not been developed in China for a long time, so there are not many professional manufacturers. Looking at the country, there are only more than 10 regular manufacturers for a long time. Some of them pretend to be modified atmosphere packaging machines with simple nitrogen filling packaging machines.

There are three basic principles for the selection of modified atmosphere packaging machines:

1. Residual oxygen content

Replace the modified air in the packing box (bag), try not to leave the original natural air. We use the amount of residual oxygen to indicate the cleanliness of the replacement.

Operation method: Fill the packing box with any gas other than oxygen. Insert the German Wittur gas analyzer into the packed box to measure the oxygen content in the box. The lower the oxygen content, the less natural air remains. For example, Mingwei packaging machine can achieve a residual oxygen content of less than 0.5% on all equipment.

If the residual oxygen content is higher than 2%, then the modified atmosphere packaging is basically meaningless. At present, the low-end equipment on the market uses a vacuum generator to replace the gas, and the depth of the box exceeds 35mm. Residual oxygen will be much higher than 2%.

2. Inflatable accuracy

Fill the mixed fresh-keeping gas into the packaging box to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the packaging box. Under the environment of different proportions of gas, the speed of bacterial reproduction changes rapidly, so we need to fill the fresh-keeping gas according to the internationally accepted experimental data .

It is required that the proportion of the fresh-keeping gas should be stable at a certain good ratio. If the ratio fluctuates too much, the difference in bacterial reproduction speed will be large, and the stability and uniformity of the fresh-keeping cycle cannot be guaranteed, and food safety hazards will increase.

So how to ensure the gas ratio of the modified atmosphere packaging machine is accurate, Zhejiang Mingwei Machinery Co., Ltd. uses the original imported mixer from Wittur, Germany, and the ratio error does not exceed 1%.

Currently, low-end devices on the market use gas flow meters to control gas, which will vary with gas flow, pressure, and temperature. The error is very large, and regular calibration is required. The shelf life has its ups and downs.

3. Sealing

Filled modified atmosphere packaging boxes often have repeated packaging and air leakage due to unstable sealing. Therefore, the packaging has very high requirements for sealing, without air bubbles, and requires smoothness and no wrinkles.

In addition, the size of the flash on the sealing edge affects the appearance of the tray packaging and affects the value of the product. Therefore, choosing a high-precision cutter system is a high-quality choice for users.

In short, how to choose a modified atmosphere packaging machine is a systematic project, which requires more visits and more understanding, and field inspections.

Since packaging is a continuous and high-speed process, the stability of packaging is the foundation of choosing equipment. The equipment is well-made and the circuit layout is neat, which represents the production strength of the manufacturer. The rework rate of poorly selected packaging machines may exceed 10%, which is greatly improved. Produced.


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