Influence of oxygen in modified atmosphere packaging on product shelf life

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Influence of oxygen in modified atmosphere packaging on product shelf life

In order to ensure the shelf life of food, the oxygen content in the modified atmosphere packaging is a sensitive indicator, so our packaging process will be controlled by three methods: vacuum, nitrogen filling and mixed gas filling.

Therefore, when it comes to inflatable packaging, manufacturers generally use headspace analysis equipment to test the packaged products, so as to know the control level of gas concentration in the package, so as to ensure the shelf life indicated on the package after the product is on the market.

Limitations of Routine Sampling Gas Oxygen Measurements

Most of the conventional nitrogen-filled and modified atmosphere packaging products use equipment whose working principle is to extract the sample gas in the package to analyze the concentration of oxygen or carbon dioxide. Of course, headspace analyzers that work on this principle also have limitations, including:

The volume of headspace gas in the package is too small. Generally, the sample gas volume of <5ml is not enough for the sensor to respond, and the test data is inaccurate.

Packages with liquid and small headspace, sample gas for analysis, liquid can easily enter the sensor, which shows equipment damage

Packaging with a certain degree of vacuum (negative pressure), if sampling is unsuccessful, the analyzer will alarm and affect the test data.

Glass container packaging, the sampling needle cannot be pierced, and the analysis cannot be performed

Similar to the packaging form above, still using the conventional sampling analysis mode will encounter bottlenecks, so are we helpless? The answer is NO, we have a more scientific analysis method [Mingwei Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine Gas Detector WITT]

NOTE: The importance of oxygen indicators in the shelf life is reflected. In addition to the control of oxygen concentration in the packaging, there is another point that cannot be ignored, that is, the oxygen barrier properties of packaging materials. As a food manufacturer, the packaging materials we use generally only require packaging materials. The supplier provides relevant test reports, and when I tell you, the WITT analyzer has an extended oxygen permeability analysis function for packaging materials. You can check the oxygen barrier performance of the packaging materials in your own factory. happy?


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