Modified Atmosphere Preservation Packaging Machine for Fast Food Box

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Modified Atmosphere Preservation Packaging Machine for Fast Food Box

Modified atmosphere packaging machine for fast food box lunch is a long-term research and development product for the preservation of fruits, vegetables and cooked food in developed regions such as Europe, America and Japan in recent years. At the end of the last century and the beginning of this century, Chinese researchers conducted follow-up research on modified atmosphere preservation technology and made great progress. At present, the modified atmosphere packaging machines for fast food boxes produced in economically developed areas such as Shanghai in my country have advanced technology, which can be compared with similar products in Europe and the United States, and have the advantages of being more suitable for Chinese people's eating habits and high cost performance. The air in the original packaging box is evacuated and filled with a certain proportion of mixed gas (nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide) to effectively preserve and protect the packaged food. 1. The fresh-keeping mechanism of the fast-food box lunch modified atmosphere packaging machine The fast-food box lunch modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine mainly starts from three technical aspects to ensure the delay of the freshness of fruits, vegetables and cooked food: the fast-food box lunch modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine adopts the inhibition and elimination of harmful bacteria. Reproduction; 2. Reduce the aerobic respiration rate of living cells, but do not vacuum to avoid anaerobic reaction; 3. After the modified atmosphere packaging is completed, it needs to be refrigerated in a cold storage at 0°C-4°C, which also reduces living cells. activity, reducing the rate of its aerobic respiration.

The modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine for fast food box lunch produced by Zhejiang Mingwei Packaging Machinery adopts vacuuming the original packaging box and rushing into the mixed gas according to a certain proportion to effectively preserve the packaged food. Modified atmosphere packaging machine is a necessary food packaging machine for large-scale food enterprises, distribution enterprises such as fresh meat, fruits and vegetables, and large-scale stores. Refrigerated at ℃ temperature, under the bacteriostatic effect of carbon dioxide, the growth and reproduction of most microorganisms are inhibited, and the rate of toxin secretion by pathogenic bacteria such as Clostridium botulinum and Staphylococcus aureus is greatly reduced. In the packaging box that retains a small amount of oxygen, the living body of the fresh meat cells is in a state of low-speed aerobic respiration, so as not to form an anaerobic reaction, and the myoglobin will not brown. In order to be soft, the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine for fast food lunch boxes, also known as nitrogen-filled packaging machines, is a fresh-keeping equipment that uses air and proportional mixed atmosphere for replacement. The modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine for fast food box lunch adopts the working conditions that reduce the metabolic rate of food cells without anaerobic reaction, and can achieve the natural preservation of cooked food, fruits and vegetables without any preservatives and food additives.

With the accelerated pace of urban life, there are more and more fast food and dish delivery companies. However, how to deliver large-scale box meals and dishes to diners is a big problem for these companies. To solve this problem, Zhejiang Mingwei, Put the cooked dishes in a stainless steel tray, and place the tray on the cart in layers. After one cart is full, push the cart into the double-door vacuum cooling box for rapid cooling. Such a production process can avoid the problem that the dishes are "stuffed yellow" after being fried, which affects the taste and color. When people buy food, they are accustomed to pay attention to the shelf life. The shelf life actually guarantees the safety of the food. However, with the improvement of people's living standards, it is not enough for people to only have safety requirements for food. They also hope that the food they eat is fresh. Thus, the concept of "preservation" came into being. The so-called "preservation" means that food can be guaranteed in terms of nutrition, color, texture and flavor on the basis of ensuring safety. The quality of the food can certainly be preserved, but the quality of the food may not be fresh. For example: duck necks, duck wings, duck feet, meat fillings, dumpling fillings, cakes, breads and other noodles are easily infected by various harmful bacteria under the conditions of natural drying and contact with air. Large-scale production enterprises use vacuum rapid cooling The machine quickly cools down in a short period of time, and then carries out modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging. In this way, without using any food preservatives, the preservation period of braised products can be greatly extended.


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