Modified atmosphere preservation method for fresh meat

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Modified atmosphere preservation method for fresh meat

Raw fresh meat is usually slaughtered in the early morning and marketed in the early morning without any cooling treatment. Although the hygienic inspection has passed after slaughtering and processing, in the process from processing to retailing, the meat will inevitably be polluted by air, insects, transport vehicles and packaging, etc., and the temperature of the meat in these processes is high, and bacteria are prone to contamination. A large number of proliferation, can not guarantee the safety of meat consumption.

1. High safety factor: The modified atmosphere packaging machine for fresh meat is always under strict monitoring of the whole process of fresh meat from raw material quarantine, slaughtering, quick cooling to deboning, packaging, transportation, storage and sales, preventing possible pollution occur. After slaughtering, the product has been kept at a low temperature of 0-4 degrees Celsius. This method not only greatly reduces the initial bacterial count, but also significantly improves its hygienic quality due to the constant low temperature;

2. High nutritional value: fresh meat follows the basic laws of meat biochemistry, and at a suitable temperature, the carcass completes the process of rigor, rigor, softening and maturation in an orderly manner, muscle protein degrades normally, and muscle becomes sour and soft The tenderness is obviously improved, which is very beneficial to the digestion and absorption of the human body, and the fresh meat is more tender. And because it is not frozen, it does not need to be thawed before eating, and no nutrient loss will occur, which overcomes the nutritional deficiency of frozen meat.

High sensory comfort: Fresh meat modified atmosphere packaging has a bright color within the specified shelf life, and myoglobin will not brown, which is no different from fresh meat, and the meat is softer. Because of the gradual maturity at low temperature, the accumulation of certain chemical components and a variety of small molecular compounds formed by degradation, the flavor of fresh meat is significantly improved, and the boiled soup is clear and mellow


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