Reasons for Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Fresh Food

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Reasons for Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Fresh Food

1. The secret behind fresh fish is of course keeping it cold - close to zero. But even if you manage to stay close to zero, the fish will still start to spoil. Bacteria in the flesh can change the color of the fish and start to taste bad. Oxygen is one of the enemies because some bacteria need oxygen, which means they will grow in the presence of Oxygen. Oxygen also helps maintain the desired color of the fish, which is why seafood products find the perfect balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide, the fresh-keeping gases in modified atmosphere packaging.

2. Many people think that meat looks fresher when it is red. The red color comes from the myoglobin in the meat, which keeps the color red when high concentrations of oxygen are used in the packaging, but oxygen also allows aerobic bacteria to grow, thereby shortening the shelf life of the meat, and carbon dioxide can deter aerobic bacteria. therefore. Packs produced with modified atmosphere packaging machines that balance between oxygen (eighty percent) and carbon dioxide (twenty percent) will increase the shelf life of red meat (400-500 percent).


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