Safe operation rules for bag-type packaging machine

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1. Operators or maintenance personnel must undergo safety education and training, and be proficient in operating skills. Other untrained or unqualified personnel are not allowed to operate and maintain the bag packaging machine.

2. Operators or maintenance personnel should wear and use labor protection equipment (tools) correctly, and ensure that the tooling is tidy, tightened, and conforms to the operating specifications. It is strictly forbidden to operate and maintain after fatigue or drinking.

3. Without permission, it is not allowed to disassemble or repair any part of the bag packaging machine of the system, and it is not allowed to modify the electrical circuit. It is strictly forbidden to place sundries in the control cabinet and distribution box, and close the door of the control cabinet in time to prevent the electrical components in the cabinet from being contaminated and damp.

4. Before running the bag packaging machine, it must be carefully checked to ensure that the phase of the power supply is correct, the grounding is safe and reliable, the operating parts and connection parts are stable, and the operation interface is displayed normally before the operation can be carried out.

5. Turn on the power, preheat the packaging machine, check whether the movable components of the machine are running stably, whether the film bag, ribbon, printing, heat sealing and other parts, photoelectric, proximity switch, air pressure, and vacuum are normal.

6. When the bag packaging machine is running, ensure that the door is closed, the junction box or the outer protective cover of the control panel is complete, to avoid physical contact with the movable device, the conveyor belt or the heat sealer and surrounding parts, to prevent being caught or burned by high temperature. Reach into the protective cover of the fuselage or touch the moving parts.

7. When the bag packaging machine is running, no adjustment or maintenance is allowed. If abnormal noise occurs during operation, it should be shut down immediately.

8. When the bag packaging machine is running, the fault alarm light will be on, the packaging machine will automatically stop, and after the alarm is released, re-enter the production mode according to the procedure; if there is no alarm failure, the machine is still running, you should press the emergency stop button to stop the machine before stopping. Troubleshoot.

9. Use clean hands to operate the touch screen during work. Do not hit the touch screen with hard or sharp objects. Do not use too much force during operation. Press and release gently. Pay attention to cleaning and protection.

10. Enough operating space must be ensured around the machine, and debris must not be piled up. Keep the floor of the workshop clean and avoid oil and water stains to avoid slipping.

11. When the work is over, cut off the power supply to the bag packaging machine in time.


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