Status of Fresh Modified Atmosphere Packaging Industry

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Status of Fresh Modified Atmosphere Packaging Industry

Going to the supermarket, you can often see the beef steak packaged on the cold fresh counter, which is not only beautiful in appearance, but also delicious in meat quality. But what about beef in these modified atmosphere packages?

The fresh food retail industry can be said to be the most popular new retail industry in recent years. There is Mr. Ali Hema in the front, Yonghui Super Species in the back, and Meituan Fresh Food, etc., and major merchants have gathered together and set off a new generation. Fresh and new retail style.

2 trillion fresh food market, with an annual growth of more than 6%. The consumption upgrade of various fresh food markets reflects the bright prospects of the fresh food market. According to Nielsen's research on retail in Asia Pacific, more than 50% of Asian consumers' food bills are spent on fresh produce. Due to the huge population base in my country, the fresh food consumption market has a broad space.

Nielsen Consumer Trends Research shows that Chinese consumers purchase fresh food frequently to ensure the freshness of products. On average, they buy fresh food 3 times a week, which is 2.5 times higher than the global average. Among them, fruits and vegetables were purchased more frequently (4.48 times per week on average), followed by fish and seafood (2.39 times per week on average).

According to Analysys data, the transaction scale of my country's fresh food market reached 1.79 trillion yuan in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 6.9%, and has continued to maintain a growth of more than 6% since 2013.

All kinds of data reflect that the domestic demand for fresh ingredients and food is very huge. Under the background of "Internet +", the emergence of fresh food e-commerce has brought a new business model. The fresh food e-commerce market is developing rapidly and is known as a blue ocean with development potential.

However, under such a prospect, the new retail model still faces many challenges.

What are the challenges faced by fresh food e-commerce?

High logistics cost

The traditional fresh food industry still generally adopts the original refrigeration method of "chilling and ice cubes", using normal temperature vehicles as the means of transportation, the preservation time is 2-3 days, and the transportation loss is large and the efficiency is low.

Large-scale fresh food e-commerce companies use self-built cold chain logistics and invest huge amounts of money to build an omni-channel cold chain logistics system. Small and medium-sized fresh food e-commerce companies mostly rely on third-party logistics, adopting the inefficient method of "ordinary logistics + express line".

Warehousing resources are in short supply

At present, my country's fresh warehousing resources are mainly concentrated in agricultural product wholesale markets, agricultural product logistics parks and agricultural product logistics centers.

The overall warehousing level is low, the quantity and quality of warehousing are small, and there is a big gap between management methods and warehousing facilities and the growing market demand.

Supply chain instability

The core competitiveness of fresh food e-commerce lies in the product itself, and having a stable supply chain is the top priority of fresh food e-commerce. The reason is that due to the unstable purchase quantity and product types of fresh food e-commerce, the complex product categories are in conflict with the small-scale demand, and the huge output of the fresh food market needs huge demand to digest, and the intermediate link depends on the scale. To reduce the unit transportation cost and loss cost.

Strong competition in the traditional agricultural wholesale market

The traditional farm batch market has many years of industry foundation and strong regional advantages. The agricultural market is the central link in controlling domestic fresh food procurement, transshipment and distribution, and plays the functions of price formation, commodity distribution, information transmission, and service provision. It has huge industry resources and internal information, and has many years of experience in spot trading of agricultural products.

Hema Xiansheng is a brand-new attempt at new retail. Its big feature is that you can directly choose to eat seafood in the store, or you can choose Hema Xiansheng's unique logistics and distribution services. Its supply chain is completely digital, and operators can identify and operate through the intelligent system, which is simple and efficient.

Most of Zhangyu Fresh's products are priced electronically, and most of the digital pre-packaged products are convenient for online and offline price adjustment and delivery. In the future, Zhangyu Fresh will create a one-stop service of "central kitchen processing + community distribution";

Su Xiansheng stores integrate the dual business formats of supermarkets and catering, provide online order delivery services, and explore the market through the "online + offline, catering + supermarket" model.

The innovative retail models of industry giants have established a firm foothold in the fresh food industry. In the next few years, more and more companies and capital will enter the fresh food e-commerce market to seize the dividends of the market development period.

Due to the strong user stickiness and high repeat purchase rate of fresh products, fresh food has changed from small and beautiful at the beginning to large and comprehensive, and people's concept of fresh food consumption is gradually changing to e-commerce.

New catering ingredients are the source of the catering food industry, and their production, collection, primary processing and other process links are easily affected by various uncertain factors, so it is necessary to strictly control their quality from multiple perspectives to ensure the freshness and freshness on consumers’ tongues. Tasty and safe.

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