The 105th Autumn Sugar Fair in 2021

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The 105th Autumn Sugar Fair in 2021

The 105th Autumn Sugar Booth is coming out in 2021

  "Tianjin ~ National Convention and Exhibition Center"

Hotel Exhibition October 14-18

Convention and Exhibition Center October 19-21

Tianjin Hotel + Jinlihua Hotel (Liquor Zone)

Saixiang Hotel + Banyan Tree Hotel + St. Regis Financial Street Hotel (Food and Beverage Zone)

Tianjin Golden Emperor Hotel (Condiment Zone)

Tianjin National Convention and Exhibition Center (Condiment Hall, Wine Hall, Wine Hall, Food and Beverage Hall, Packaging Hall, Machinery Hall)

Our exhibition is at S3F155D


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 wechat:18066266692
 Add:Building C-27 , Zhixin Industrial Zone,Ruian City,Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.



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