The Mystery of Hema Modified Atmosphere Packaging

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The Mystery of Hema Modified Atmosphere Packaging

The emergence of Hema Xiansheng is the favorite of many post-80s and 90s. Now that the pace of urban life is accelerating, especially in first-tier cities with a fast pace of work and life, many young consumers are reluctant to go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables for dinner after get off work. , because it is not convenient enough and fast enough. Therefore, Hema Xiansheng has replaced the inconvenient and quick vegetable market in the past.

Hema Xiansheng has a wide variety of products, including fresh products, semi-finished products, and cooked food. How does their product packaging come true? Xiaobian Mingwei will take you to understand this special packaging method "box-type modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging". The boxed products in Hema Xiansheng are all packaged with modified atmosphere preservation. This type of modified atmosphere packaging is convenient, fast, safe and hygienic, and can extend the freshness period of food without adding preservatives. So what is "modified atmosphere preservation"? let's chat

The principle of modified atmosphere packaging is: use fresh-keeping gas (O2, C02, N2 three gases are mixed according to the ratio of food characteristics), replace the air in the packaging box or packaging bag, change the external environment of the food in the tray, and achieve the purpose of inhibiting bacteria The growth and reproduction of (microorganisms), thereby prolonging the freshness or shelf life of food. Different foods have different compositions and proportions of fresh-keeping gas.

The modified atmosphere packaging of the marinated cooked food in Hema Fresh is to mix CO2 and N2 at a ratio of 30% and 70%. For chilled fresh meat, 20% CO2 and 80% O2 are mixed. If the mixing ratio fluctuates greatly, the preservation period will be unstable and the preservation period will be shortened. The modified atmosphere packaging machine manufactured by Mingwei Co. The Witt mixer mixes the fresh-keeping gas, which can reduce the error of the mixing ratio to an error of 1%, so that the fresh-keeping cycle of each box is in the same range. So what is the function of each gas? CO2 gas has the effect of inhibiting the growth and reproduction of most spoilage bacteria and molds; N2 inert gas has no effect on food. As a filling gas, O2 is mainly to maintain the bright red color of chilled fresh meat, improve the appearance and increase the appearance.

In the process of storage, transportation and sales of modified atmosphere packaging products, the temperature needs to be controlled within the range of about 4°C, so that the product can be kept fresh for more than 7 days. Compared with the traditional processing technology, Hema Xiansheng's modified atmosphere packaging process has outstanding advantages such as reasonable process, convenient operation, low energy consumption, high hygiene and safety, and long fresh-keeping shelf life.

Modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging relies on carbon dioxide to inhibit the lagging phase of the growth and reproduction curves of most aerobic bacteria and fungi. The preservation effect is better and the shelf life is longer.


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