The advantages of vegetable packaging machine and how to choose?

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Today is the era of networking. The rise of e-commerce platforms has changed the way of countless producers and sellers. Many operators have chosen to transform from traditional production to mechanized production, and from traditional physical operations to online e-commerce operations. The packaging method of products has also been transformed from traditional manual packaging to mechanized packaging.

Let's compare the characteristics and differences between traditional manual packaging and mechanized packaging as below.


1. Features of traditional manual packaging:

   High cost: At present, labor costs are rising, and time costs are high.

   Low efficiency: Difficulty recruiting, retaining people, and alternation of old and new leads to reduced efficiency.

   Environmental Issues: Sanitation issues in the workplace are difficult to manage.

   Packaging accuracy: Manual packaging is not stable for accuracy.

2. The advantages of packaging mechanization:

   Labor cost: Packaging machinery can work around the clock without holidays, and can withstand greater work pressure.

   High work efficiency: The automatic packaging machine has fast packaging speed and high efficiency, which is unmatched by manual labor.

   Hygiene and energy saving: The packaging process is clean and hygienic.

   The operation is convenient and quick, and multiple processes are completed at one time: automatic bag making, coding, labeling, packaging, sealing, etc.

3. How to choose a suitable vegetable packing machine?

   3.1 First of all, it is necessary to know which type of sales model you are targeting, such as supermarkets, home distribution, APP distribution, stores, logistics distribution, restaurant distribution, market wholesale, etc.

   3.2 If it is for supermarkets, generally supermarket bags range from 300-1000 grams, here you can choose the VT-330XA model.The maximum film width can be used up to 680mm, and the maximum bag width is 330mm.

   3.3 If the packaged vegetables are within 300-500 grams, we would recommend the VT-280X servo machine. The maximum bag width can be 280mm.

   3.4 If the packaged vegetables are within 1KG, the VT-330XA model can be recommended.

   3.5 We recommend VT-410XA pneumatic equipment for logistics restaurant delivery 1-2.5KG. We have done a case where a customer packs a bag of 2.5kg of vegetables. The bag size is L500*W400mm and the height is 150mm.

   3.6 If you need to pack many kinds of vegetables, the pneumatic servo packing machine is the best choice.

Because the pneumatic servo packaging machine can automatically identify the length of the product, and then the machine can automatically set the bag length according to the signal of the sensor, one machine can pack products of different lengths at the same    time. It can improve efficiency and save costs.

4. Optional configuration:

   4.1 Packaging film punching and exhausting device: divided into electric needle punching and pneumatic punching to help exhaust the air in the bag and save space for long-distance transportation.

   4.2 Nitrogen filling device: Filling the vegetables and fruits in the bag with high-purity nitrogen can prolong the shelf life.

   4.3 Weighing and labeling device: After the vegetable bags are packaged, each bag is automatically weighed, and then the computer automatically prints the sticky notes and automatically attaches the labels to the corresponding vegetable bags, which is very suitable for supermarket sales.


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