The difference between rotary bag packing machine and horizontal bag packing machine

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The difference between rotary bag packing machine and horizontal bag packing machine

Do you want to know what kind of equipment the automatic -feeding packaging machine is? To understand what kind of packaging equipment the automatic -feeding packaging machine is, why does this equipment become the development trend of packaging machinery? The automatic -feeding packaging machine is literally analyzed as a device that can  itself. The operator places the pre-customized packaging  in the -setting part of the -making packaging machine. The system outputs a signal and the robot automatically Take the , support the , fill the material, and seal the work; the reason why the automatic -feeding packaging machine will become the development trend of packaging machinery is that in recent years, with the continuous increase of the aging population, the labor shortage of enterprises, Difficulties in recruiting and hiring workers are becoming more and more serious. Improving the company's automation capabilities will become the company's development trend. Fully automatic -type packaging machines are favored by companies because of their high automation capabilities.


Now let's first understand the components and classification of the automatic  packaging machine? The automatic -feeding vacuum packaging machine is composed of two parts: the rotary sealing system and the feeding point system; the automatic -feeding vacuum packaging machine is divided into the rotary -feeding vacuum packaging machine and the packaging size according to the work and the size of the packaging. Horizontal automatic  feeding packaging machine; what kind of equipment is called rotary automatic  feeding vacuum packaging machine? The rotary  feeding vacuum packaging machine can pack large-sized products. Generally, the material weight of the rotary automatic  feeding vacuum packaging machine is in the range of 300g-5kg. The size of the  that can meet this weight is generally Large-sized packaging s; and the horizontal automatic automatic -type vacuum packaging machine is usually more accurate to measure about 5-100g. The weight of this type of  is smaller and smaller than the rotary -type packaging machine. , And the gap between the size requirements of the packaging  is also smaller, which will undoubtedly increase the stability of the equipment, so the running speed of the horizontal feeding  packaging machine is faster than that of the rotating automatic feeding  packaging machine; this item It is one of the differences between two different types of automatic -feeding packaging machines.


For the two different equipments of the automatic -feeding packaging machine, in addition to the difference in the size of the packaging , there is also the difference in price. Since the rotary automatic -feeding packaging machine is to do large-size packaging, then the production of the equipment is undoubted The cost is relatively high, and the size of the horizontal automatic -type packaging  is small. The compact structure can be used to complete the equipment's output requirements. Therefore, the rotary automatic -type packaging machine can be used for horizontal automatic -type packaging. The two types of packaging machines differ not only in the size and measurement of the packaging materials, but also in the price.


If you want to use the automatic -feeding packaging machine, you must make the following preparations so that the equipment can be used normally; before using the automatic -feeding packaging machine, the circuit needs to be prepared with a socket and a 6-square three-phase five-wire power supply, respectively It is used for installation and use of inkjet printers, weighing and weighing machines, and debugging of automatic -type packaging machines; followed by the preparation of the gas circuit, preparing to meet the measuring machine 1 cubic meter, gas storage tank 1 cubic meter, and cold dryer 1 The cubic meter air compressor is used to ensure the normal operation of the equipment; on the other hand, because the automatic  feeding packaging machine is a highly automated equipment, when the manufacturer uses it, the manufacturer of the equipment will Training, although the equipment is easy to operate, without systematic training will also affect the user's normal use of the equipment.


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