The future development of braised snack food

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The future development of braised snack food

With the upgrading of consumption, sauce and braised products, a major category of snack food, will usher in more consumption scenarios. Consumers' demand for products will gradually shift from taste and price to higher requirements. High-end, leisure, and entertainment fashion will become Key words for the next round of sales growth of soy sauce and braised products, and modified atmosphere packaging for cooked food has also entered people's lives.

With the rise of braised brands such as Zhou Hei Ya and Jue Wei Duck Neck, more and more young consumers are beginning to like braised food. In the face of the huge market share, many leisure brands of braised products came into being.

The continuous expansion of the halogenated snack food market is also inseparable from consumers' pursuit of healthy food. Meat products can bring more nutrition to the human body, and for young people who are under heavy work pressure and students who are under heavy study pressure, braised food is a good way to replenish energy.

At present, in addition to Jinchuniang, there are also big brands such as Youyou and Infinity. With the increase in the scale of braised snack food, it is certain that this blue ocean market will welcome more brands.

At the same time, only active innovation is the way for these brands to stay fresh. In the future, braised snack food will develop towards small and beautiful, small and refined.

The consumer groups of braised snack food are mainly young people, and their sales channels include supermarkets, food stores and food markets, and e-commerce. At present, the largest sales channels are food stores and food markets, followed by supermarkets. Although e-commerce channels account for a small proportion, they are growing rapidly.

With the number of outlets and high penetration rate, supermarkets are expected to become the largest sales channel of braised snack food in 2020. The e-commerce channel will maintain a rapid growth of about 40% by 2020.

There is no doubt that halogen, such as the realization of fully automated production, of course, with the continuous strengthening of corporate innovation capabilities, halogen snack food enterprises will also grow in the transformation, automatic production, product technology improvement, and innovative packaging will also become the focus of terminal enterprises. Goal, the modified atmosphere packaging machine for braised food has also become a hot choice for snack food.

The blue ocean of braised snack food will always be accompanied by stormy waves, and what remains must be brands that can stand the test of consumers and the market.


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