The future development of modified atmosphere packaging machine for lo-mei cooked food

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The future development of modified atmosphere packaging machine for lo-mei cooked food

Some people say that after the arrival of new retail, the FMCG retail industry will enter a period of reshuffle, the entire industry will be re-integrated, and new market segments are being formed.

Among them, in addition to fresh food, catering, and supermarkets that have been tested by giants, lo mei has become a category that cannot be ignored due to its huge market weight and high-frequency consumption characteristics, and lo mei modified atmosphere packaging machines also highlight its importance.


The traditional lo-mei market has prominent pain points under the consumption upgrade

With the improvement of consumers' living standards, the development of cold chain logistics and the trend of modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging, it is estimated that the market size of my country's leisure braised products will reach 123.5 billion yuan in 2020, and the compound growth rate from 2015 to 2020 is expected to reach 24.1%. Not including the immeasurable number of roadside lo-mei delis.

It can be said that the future lo-mei industry in China should be a market of hundreds of billions of dollars.

Luwei is delicious, but there are some barriers to development, the first of which is that it is difficult to store.

For a long time, lo-mei is often divided into fresh products and packaged products that are retailed by kilograms when sold at the terminal.

Fresh products are commonly found in roadside delis, but limited by brand awareness and standardized processing, roadside shops are often unable to form a large scale.

However, a small amount of large-scale fresh products need to be refrigerated, and the shelf life is generally no more than two days. In order to expand the sales scope and sales cycle of the products, many brands of lo mei use vacuum packaging or modified atmosphere packaging technology. The shelf life of the product is at room temperature Up to 270 days.

This type of packaged product has a long shelf life, which is convenient for long-distance transportation and long-term sales, but it also affects the taste of the product. These factors restrict the scale of the Luwei brand, making it difficult to form a cross-regional brand.

The second is the singleness of the edible scenes and product varieties of lo-mei products. Traditional lo-mei often appears on everyone's dinner table and snack list as a simple side food, and the "big guys" of lo-mei often have a strong single product problem, such as Zhou Hei Ya and Juewei's duck neck, Ziyan Baiwei Chicken's braised chicken , kelp, husband and wife lung tablets.

There are often only a few types of these lo-mei products, and it is difficult for consumers to use lo-mei as a main dish/snack/gift pack.

Then there is the regionality of the lo-mei brand. The Luwei market has always had strong local characteristics, and the Lianghu Gang (Hunan Juewei, Hubei Zhou Hei Ya, Jiujiuya, Chuang Cannibal), Jiangxi Gang (Huangshanghuang), and Wenzhou Gang (Tengqiao, Chuxu) have their own fans.

Although it has strengthened the local iconic taste of lo-mei, it has also limited the development of the lo-mei brand to a higher level of the market.


The strong outbreak of lo-mei brand in the new retail era

Under the consumption upgrade of new retail, the pain points of the traditional lo-mei market are being broken one by one.

Juewei, Zhou Heiya, Luyu, etc. have launched new fresh-locking packaging products, extending the shelf life of fresh products to about 5 days, and delivering them through "air freight + cold chain logistics", which to a certain extent has opened the shackles of the lo-mei industry.

Brands such as Luyu and Jiujiuya have innovated and enriched the edible scene of luwei products, played with young people's brand marketing, and transformed the halogen products into branding, youthful and fashionable, and changed from simple food to eat and "play" leisure. Food, the market space is rapidly expanding.

In order to overcome the taste differences between regions, Zhou Hei Ya plans to use 10% of the funds raised from the listing to improve its research and development capabilities, solve the regional development barriers and thresholds of the lo-mei brand, and achieve explosive growth in recent years.

Nowadays, more and more people like to eat duck necks while drinking. Many girls watch TV dramas, and they also buy a few boxes of lo mei as snacks. For boys who stay up late to watch football games, lo mei is naturally essential.

In terms of consumption scenarios, the situation of lo mei in China is close to that of potato chips in the United States, and it has become a versatile food in life and entertainment.


Subvert offline experience and break through online barriers

In the new retail era, lo-mei brand players, big and small, are making their own efforts to grab the new retail lo-mei brand highland. Among them, the business model of Luyu seems to be more like the ideal form of the Luwei brand under the new retail.

Poultry, red meat, vegetables and tofu are the main categories of lo-mei brands. Because of the dominance of marinated duck brands such as Zhouhei Ya, Juewei Duck Neck, and Jiujiuya, poultry products, especially marinated duck, have always been the most popular category of leisure marinated products. .

The Luyu brand provides nearly 60 single-, double-, and triple-style lo-mei and lo-mei sets (dine-in/take-out), and standardizes the taste and nutrition of each individual product, which truly solves the consumption scene of lo-mei products. And the problem of singleness of product variety.

Imagine that in the past, consumers bought a single product from a traditional lo-mei store as a sasuke for meals or snacks, but if there are more than 60 equally delicious but more diverse lo-mei products for you to choose from a one-time platter, is lo-mei no longer just for meals?


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