The shelf life of various foods in modified atmosphere packaging

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The shelf life of various foods in modified atmosphere packaging

After the fresh fruits and vegetables mushrooms are harvested, they still maintain the metabolic respiration activity of absorbing O2 and expelling CO2. If the O2 content in the package is reduced and the CO2 content is increased, the fruits and vegetables can maintain weak aerobic respiration without anaerobic respiration, the aging process of fresh fruits and vegetables is delayed, the metabolic rate is reduced, and the fresh-keeping period is prolonged. Modified atmosphere packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables consists of O2, CO2 and N2. The fresh-keeping period of modified atmosphere packaging is determined according to the variety and freshness of fruits and vegetables, such as strawberries, mushrooms, lychees, peaches, leafy vegetables, etc. The shelf life at 0-4°C is 15-45 days. A low-barrier film is used.

Cooked food products Preservation of cooked food products such as Chinese and Western-style livestock and poultry cooked food products, stewed vegetables, stir-fried vegetables, stewed vegetables, fast food, etc., requires preservation and preservation of the original flavor. The fresh-keeping gas is generally composed of CO2, N2 and other gases. After modified atmosphere packaging, the fresh-keeping gas forms a protective film on the surface of the food, so as to achieve antibacterial and fresh-keeping, and maintain the nutritional content of the food and the original taste, taste and shape. Under 20℃, the fresh-keeping period is more than 10-15 days; under 0-4℃, the fresh-keeping period is 60-90 days; after pasteurization (about 80℃), the fresh-keeping period at room temperature is more than 60-90 days . A high barrier film is required. The use of modified atmosphere packaging and natural biotechnology can achieve ideal results.

The modified atmosphere packaging gas of fresh livestock and poultry is composed of CO2, O2 and other gases. High concentration of O2 oxidizes myoglobin in meat to oxymyoglobin, which can keep fresh meat bright red; CO2 is used for bacteriostasis and preservation. The shelf life at 0-4°C is 7-30 days. Fresh poultry uses CO2, N2 and other fresh-keeping gases, and the fresh-keeping period can reach 15-30 days. With natural biotechnology, it can be sold at room temperature for 2-5 days.

Fresh aquatic seafood Fresh fish and other aquatic products are perishable foods with high moisture content. Anaerobic bacteria are one of the corruption factors of fresh aquatic products during low temperature storage, and produce toxins that are harmful to human health. The fresh-keeping gas consists of O2, CO2 and N2. Modified atmosphere packaging of fatty fish is the main factor of spoilage due to fatty oxidizing acid, and the protective gas is composed of CO2 and N2. The modified atmosphere packaging machine for fresh aquatic products has a shelf life of 15-30 days at a temperature of 0-4°C, depending on the variety and freshness. The packaging film needs to use a composite plastic film with high gas barrier properties to maintain the gas concentration in the packaging.

Barbecue food The deterioration of barbecue food is mainly mildew, and preservation requires mildew prevention and flavor preservation. The preservation gas is composed of CO2 and N2. The fresh-keeping period of rice and flour food such as cakes and breads at room temperature is 15-60 days; the fresh-keeping period of moon cakes at room temperature is 30-90 days; the steamed bread packaging film needs to use a composite plastic film with high gas barrier properties to keep the inside of the packaging. gas concentration. With natural biotechnology, the preservation effect is doubled.

Pickles and pickled products Kimchi foods are easily oxidized, mildewed and deteriorated in the air. During the pickling (soaking) process, an appropriate amount of natural biological preparations are added. After modified atmosphere packaging, they can be kept fresh for 30-180 days at room temperature. The fresh-keeping gas consists of CO2 and N2. High barrier film is used.


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