The working principle and advantages of cassette modified atmosphere packaging machine

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The working principle and advantages of cassette modified atmosphere packaging machine

The working principle and advantages of cassette modified atmosphere packaging machine

The box-type modified atmosphere packaging machine is a new type of packaging method, which helps to prolong the preservation period of food, prolong the shelf life, improve the food safety performance, and retain the original fresh taste of the product. The fresh-keeping period of modified atmosphere packaging for chilled meat can reach 15 days, cooked food can reach 7-9 days, and fast food can reach more than 5 days.

How is it achieved? Box-type modified atmosphere packaging machines use nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other rare gases in the packaging box to replace the original air in the packaging box and change the ecological environment of the packaging box. Minimize the growth of microorganisms in the box. Thus achieving freshness.

Of course, the microbial populations of different products are very different, and the growth environment they can adapt to is also different. Therefore, different combinations of fresh-keeping gases need to be used according to different foods to achieve the best results:

Food Nitrogen Oxygen Carbon Dioxide Preservation Period (Days)

Modified atmosphere packaging of fresh pork 80% 20% 7~9

Modified atmosphere packaging of fresh beef 80% 20% 7~9

Modified atmosphere packaging of fresh mutton 80% 20% 7~9

Poultry Modified Atmosphere Packaging 70% 0 30% 7~9

Modified atmosphere packaging for cooked food 70% 0 30% 12~15

Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Fast Food Bento 100% 0 0 5

Bread 100% 30

How to realize the box-type modified atmosphere packaging machine and how to ensure such a long fresh-keeping period, mainly focus on the following points:

1. The bacteria content of the food before packaging is low. Modified atmosphere packaging in cassettes only inhibits bacteria, but does not kill bacteria. Therefore the lower the number of bacteria before packaging, the better. The total number of cooked food colonies is 8*104cfu/g, and the total number of cold meat colonies is 4*10104cfu/g. It will affect food safety and also affect the physical taste.

2. Choose an excellent modified atmosphere packaging machine. At present, there are more than 10 regular modified atmosphere packaging machine manufacturers on the market, and some non-professional modified atmosphere packaging machines use simple nitrogen-filled packaging, nitrogen packaging, and gas protection packaging to take gas-modified packaging. Professional modified atmosphere packaging machine consists of 3 technical indicators

① Residual oxygen content is less than 1%: After filling the packaging box with fresh-keeping gas, test the residual oxygen content in the original air. It represents the original air that has been fully replaced. If the residual oxygen content is too high, it means that the modified atmosphere replacement fails and the preservation effect is not obvious.

②The mixing accuracy of fresh-keeping gas is better than 1%: different objects have the best proportion of fresh-keeping gas types. If the ratio changes too much, it will affect the fresh-keeping cycle. The food fresh-keeping cycle is unstable and uncontrollable, and the sales cycle is also uncontrollable. It will bring great security risks to businesses. At present, the mixer originally produced in Wittur, Germany is the best choice for mixing the fresh-keeping gas of modified atmosphere packaging.

③Stability: The stability of the fresh-keeping equipment can reduce the rework rate and packaging errors, and the most important thing is to make the fresh-keeping cycle stable. How to make sure the device is stable? Material! Workmanship! Electrical configuration! Technical concept! It is the most important reference indicator!

3. Selection of packaging materials: high-barrier packaging boxes. High-barrier packaging film to ensure that the preservation gas does not leak

Generally, cooked food uses PP material packaging box, composite anti-fog film or nylon barrier film

Fresh meat is packed in PP composite PE packaging.


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