WITT-a good helper for quality control of modified atmosphere packaging

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WITT-a good helper for quality control of modified atmosphere packaging

For food packaging, in today's society with a tight pace of life, consumers pay more attention to quality and nutrition in addition to convenience. Therefore, these two concerns have also become the manufacturer's handling of product packaging. We place great emphasis on ensuring product quality and nutrition. In addition, the longer the shelf life of packaged food, the longer the shelf life, the greater the value of the product and the acceptance of the distributor.

According to relevant research data, at present, in order to prolong the shelf life of food, a good method is to use modified atmosphere packaging (Modified Atmosphere Packaging, referred to as MAP) for processing, which is one of the best packaging methods. The advantages of modified atmosphere packaging are that for consumers, when packaging fresh food, the appearance is very good, and the original taste and color of the food can be maintained; in addition, for the retail industry, the value-added ability of transportation, storage, product display and goods can be maintained. It helps in every way. The main purpose of modified atmosphere packaging is to prolong the preservation period of the contents, but to meet this requirement, it is first necessary to ensure that the actual packaging process must meet the conditions required by modified atmosphere packaging.

The following is an introduction to WITT's methods and means for quality control of modified atmosphere packaging: Is the gas mixture in the modified atmosphere packaging scientific? Under normal circumstances: The volume of the mixed gas in the product is the typical volume of the product, the type of the product, the shelf, and the storage temperature to ensure the quality of the modified atmosphere packaging. The key is whether the proportion of the mixed gas filled into the package is accurate, and how to achieve the different proportions of gas required by various foods. Germany WITT is equipped with various types of mixing proportioning devices according to the different gas flow requirements of different customers. , It can mix two or three kinds of gases in different proportions, and can supply gas for one packaging machine or centrally supply gas for the entire workshop or workshop, and the mixing accuracy is better than ±1%, and its accuracy ranks in the world leading position. As a food industry equipment, Germany WITT - a good helper for the quality control of modified atmosphere packaging

German WITT has passed ISO22000 food safety certification. Then, detecting whether the mixture ratio of modified atmosphere packaging gas meets the requirements is an important aspect to ensure the quality of modified atmosphere packaging. There are basically two methods for such testing: sampling testing and on-line testing directly matched with packaging machinery. The instrument used is a gas analyzer, which measures O2 or O2/CO2 respectively. Random testing: Random testing is a basic method, 5-10 packs are representative every 20-30 minutes. Test samples as soon as possible after collection, as some products react when exposed to air inside the package. The test environment must be consistent to obtain good test results. The test process is simple: the OXYBABY package gas detector and the sampling-type MAPY gas detector of the German WITT company both suck out the gas samples in the package through the sampling needle, and then send them to the gas analyzer. In the past, a manually operated injection tube was generally used to draw a gas sample, and then the sample was injected into the sensor of the analyzer, and the data was read later. This old test method has many shortcomings, mainly in the absence of stable airflow. The results detected below are meaningless, and in this way the sample gas is often affected by air. The OXYBABY packaging gas detector and the sampling-type MAPY gas analyzer of the German WITT company have a built-in pump. A hose is used to connect the pump to the sampling needle, and the gas sample is directly extracted into the instrument through the sealed pipeline system. The test is carried out under the air flow, and the real-time analysis and display are performed at the same time, and the built-in printer can be added according to customer needs.

The operation of the instrument is simple: insert the sampling needle into the package, the gas sample will be automatically extracted and sent to the sensor, and the obtained data will be displayed all the time. When the sampling needle is inserted into the package, a septum (rubber sticker) is required to prevent the outside air from entering the package through the pinhole. Also, a good analyzer should be equipped with a "display hold" feature. After the test is completed, the obtained data can be kept unchanged. Doing so prevents the operator from mixing up different test results.

Online quality control method The gas composition of the modified atmosphere packaging is analyzed online, and the gas analyzer of the German WITT company conducts sampling at the place close to the sealing of the packaging, without causing damage to the packaging. If the composition of the gas does not meet the requirements, the alarm will sound and the machine will stop working. The gas analyzer is used on the packaging machine, and the response time is close to the actual time, which can accurately reflect the actual gas composition. The online gas analyzer of WITT company in Germany generally tests and analyzes individual packages by random sampling. The error value is ±0.1% . The on-line control equipment used by the German WITT company's packaging machine enables fully automatic gas mixing and inflation procedures. The gas mixer can automatically and accurately mix the gas power according to the requirements of use. The analyzer measures the gas composition online, and the gas flow controller ensures that the gas composition is just right, so as to ensure that the gas content reaches the standard. How to leak test packaging? If the packaging leaks, the consequences can be serious. The food industry is particularly concerned about this, and many testing instruments and equipment for checking leakage have emerged.

The traditional leak detection method is to use a "water bath" to test. The package is put into water and squeezed by hand, or a vacuum is applied to the water container. If blisters emerge from the package, it means that the package is leaking, because the package is pressurized, and the air inside is freed. The leak is overflowing. However, this method is difficult to accurately repeat the exact same test environment in manual operation, so even if the leakage situation is the same, the bubbles found in one test may not necessarily appear in the other test.

The leak detection method of the leak tester of Germany WITT company is: first put the package in the test room, close the cover, and then start the detector to automatically detect. The test results are generally divided into pass and fail. Even if the modified atmosphere packaging products have extremely small PPM level carbon dioxide leakage, our equipment can sensitively catch them. The leak test can also perform an actual pressure test to see if the strength of the package seal is qualified. The system has self-diagnostics and alarms activate when problems are detected.


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