What are the factors that affect the effect of modified atmosphere packaging

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What are the factors that affect the effect of modified atmosphere packaging

There are many factors that affect the effect of modified atmosphere packaging. After years of experience, Shanghai Jixin Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has drawn the following conclusions:

1. Characteristics of food

Such as water activity, pH value will determine which microorganisms grow on the product.

2. Handling and processing of food

Food processing must be carried out at low temperatures and contact with air, equipment and personnel must be minimized.

3. Type and quantity of microorganisms

The initial colony count of the food is very important, it is related to the shelf life.

4. Hygiene level

Follow good hygiene regulations and maintain high hygiene standards throughout the processing chain to inhibit bacterial growth.

5. Temperature

Temperature is a key factor affecting product shelf life and freshness safety. If refrigerated food is not processed and stored at a suitable temperature, it is easy to cause the growth of microorganisms to accelerate and cause food spoilage.

6. Packaging machinery

The forming, sealing and vacuuming systems of packaging equipment must be reliable and have good sealing performance. To maintain cleanliness, equipment must be completely washable.

7. Characteristics of packaging materials

Packaging materials need to be able to extend the shelf life of the product and ensure that the product has a good display effect.

8. The volume of gas in the package

Fill the package with an appropriate volume of gas to achieve a more beautiful display effect.

9. Mixed gas

The type of gas used and the proportion of ingredients are closely related to the shelf life and appearance of the product


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