What kind of food is recommended in autumn and winter

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What kind of food is recommended in autumn and winter

People take food as their heaven. Regarding food nutrition, people generally believe that,

With the maturity of consumption concepts and the continuous improvement of consumption aesthetics, today's consumers are becoming more and more "harsh". Visually eye-catching, unique flavor experience can attract the attention of consumers. Modified atmosphere packaging has become the main choice for consumers.


It's time for authentic global flavors

With the continuous expansion of the influence of globalization, the transmission and exchange of culture and information, the unique flavors and delicacies of each region are spread to all parts of the world in various ways, and the globalization of food has become a new development trend.

According to the American Restaurant Association, more than half of consumers want to try novel global foods, and how to replicate authentic ethnic cuisines, presenting them authentically is for small restaurants and catering businesses that have difficulty obtaining food materials and spices. Said it was a big challenge.

Market research shows that Americans have a strong interest in cuisines from the three regions of Japan, the Mediterranean and Mexico, and offering gourmet products with the characteristics of these three regions just caters to consumers' consumption mentality.

Creamy miso ginger sauce made with miso paste imported from Japan, not only as a condiment but also as a dipping sauce for seafood or vegetables; baguettes from the Mediterranean, cut into croutons in salads or soups or as A staple of delicious appetizers; All Natural Slow Cooked Pork Shoulder with Mexican Achiote Sauce is more versatile and can be served in sandwiches, tacos, or as a main on a plate.


Vibrant colors inspire visual enjoyment

Foods with bright colors are more likely to stimulate appetite, give people a beautiful enjoyment, and thus attract consumers' attention. With the rise of social media, the appearance of food and the way they are photogenic are increasingly influencing consumers' choices. When displayed properly, they will become brand ambassadors and have a good publicity effect.

The popularity of rainbow unicorn flavors is an important example of consumers' preference for visual enjoyment. In addition to using colorful colors to attract consumers, choosing natural pigments to give food color is also an attractive way.

Many consumers reject artificial colors, so using natural ingredients to add natural colors to foods that don’t have colorful properties can make them more appealing.


Plants become table C

Nearly 70 percent of consumers want to eat more plants and vegetables, and one in five consumers would cut back on dairy for health reasons, according to a Dataessentials survey.

To accommodate this consumer mentality, food companies can replace traditional animal-based products by adding more plant-based products, or they can offer more vegetable plant-based sources to make it a main course on the table.

Blue saffron (saffron) is very popular in the restaurant world, and mintel survey data shows that saffron is a popular flavor in packaged foods, adding an exotic flavor to a product while giving it a bold, exaggerated yellow hue.


Open a new century of meat

Vegetables are in vogue at the same time as another group of consumers wants to be able to taste higher-quality specialty meats. Innova market insights show that the compound annual growth rate of food and beverages that emphasize craftsmanship and careful preparation is as high as 28%.

According to Project NOSH, artisanal meat has generated significant interest in the market over the past few years, and meat snack sales are expected to grow by 4.2% through 2022.

Artisanal meat products should take into account animal welfare factors, do not contain antibiotics, and can also use a variety of meat sources to provide consumers with more choices.


Fine Dining 2.0 Era

Today's consumers' needs are no longer monolithic, they crave high-end food from expensive restaurants, but also yearn for the comfort and affordability of casual dining.

Consumers expect to see more classic ingredients in formal restaurants, as well as a more casual atmosphere and dining experience. Therefore, combining some classic ingredients with modern flavors can bring consumers better service and experience.


As consumers expect, sustainability and waste reduction are the foundations of five macro trends in the catering industry this autumn and winter, which will play an important role in the future development of the industry.

Consumers' demand for flavor and aroma continues to increase, and these food and beverage flavor trends will have far-reaching influence all over the world, driving the development of the modified atmosphere packaging machine industry.


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