Application of Modified Atmosphere Preservation Packaging for Cooked Foods

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Application of Modified Atmosphere Preservation Packaging for Cooked Foods

Food-modified fresh-keeping packaging has become a market trend in food packaging. As early as the middle of the century, developed foreign countries have applied modified-atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging technology to food packaging, and are favored by consumers. With the continuous rapid growth of China's economy, domestic With the continuous improvement of consumption level, consumers pay more and more attention to the safety and freshness of food, and fresh food will surely become a new economic growth point for food production enterprises. At the same time, it should be noted that there is still a mixed situation in the domestic production industry of modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging equipment, which affects the process of the food modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging market to a certain extent. But in any case, with the increasingly mature and rational market demand, China's food preservation packaging will flourish in a short period of time and become the mainstream of consumers' purchase of food.

It is the dream of cooked food manufacturers to prolong the shelf life of cooked meat. For thousands of years, many attractive delicacies with their own characteristics have been created, but the original food still needs to be tasted in the origin. Not only consumers can no longer taste authentic and fresh food outside this market, but also greatly limit the development of enterprises. Although some companies have adopted forms such as vacuum packaging, what it has paid is the sacrifice of the original flavor and brand image of the food. From the local market to the comprehensive market, from the one-day market to the multi-day market, this should be the goal of cooked food production enterprises and an important way for the development of production enterprises. Fresh food is not only a basic need, but also a measure of living standards. standard. With the acceleration of urbanization in China and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the market for fresh cooked meat products will further expand. Consumers no longer just choose products, but also choose a consumption concept and consumption method. Consumers highly value the fresh texture, authentic taste, green environmental protection and attractive appearance of food packaging. Due to the development of society and the increasing demand for high quality by consumers, cooked meat products using modified atmosphere packaging machines are bound to become a new market development trend.

What is the preservation of cooked meat?

The so-called "preservation" of cooked food refers to maintaining the original flavor and freshness of the food within a certain period of time through scientific means, and prolonging the shelf life of the food.

Modified atmosphere preservation of food

The so-called "modified atmosphere preservation" of food refers to changing the time of food keeping fresh by changing the gas environment in which the food is located. The freshness of the gas, the general food is in the form of freezing, and the reproduction of bacteria and microorganisms is inhibited by freezing to prolong the shelf life of the food. However, the frozen food, especially the meat, will cause the meat tissue to form ice crystals and change the tissue structure of the meat, and this tissue structure is mechanical and therefore irreversible. At the same time, freezing will destroy the colloidal properties of the muscle protein of the meat, thereby reducing the quality of the meat. And freezing will also cause problems such as loss of gravy, discoloration, and shrinkage. Therefore, the method of freezing is a storage method at the expense of the color, taste, shape and maintenance of the meat, which can only preserve the quality, but not the freshness.

The Basic Principle of Modified Atmosphere Preservation and Its Effect on Cooked Meat

The basic principle of the modified atmosphere packaging machine is to use the packaging container (plastic tray and cover film) to isolate the cooked meat from the outside air, and fill it with a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide to inhibit bacterial growth. The proportion of the mixed gas structure is divided into 65% and 35%. Under the conditions of 0 ℃ ~ 4 ℃, the fresh-keeping period of cooked food of the modified atmosphere packaging machine can reach 7 to 10 days. The cooked food of the modified atmosphere packaging machine produced by Mingwei Packaging Co., Ltd. can maintain the original taste, shape, color, nourishment and taste of the food. Through the transparent packaging materials, the fresh quality and attractive color and shape of the cooked food can be clearly seen. Presented to consumers, stimulate consumers' desire to buy, and the label on the package can fully display the detailed information of the product and the company, and enhance the brand awareness of the company. The cooked food using the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine will greatly expand the market radius of the product , so that even if you are thousands of miles away, you can taste the original and fresh food from the place of origin. With the continuous and rapid development of the domestic economy and the continuous acceleration of the urbanization process, convenient, fast, fresh and hygienic food Food is more and more favored by consumers. Deli food is cut into shape, ready to eat out of the box, and the food preservation packaging with comprehensive human nature will become one of the commodities chosen by office workers and young travelers.


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