Common problems and solutions for the use of vacuum packaging machines

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Common problems and solutions for the use of vacuum packaging machines

The vacuum packaging machine is like a person who always catches a cold, so learn some simple troubleshooting methods. Zhejiang Mingwei Machinery Co., Ltd. has summarized the following points for customers: 1. Low vacuum degree 2. Loud noise 3. Vacuum pump fuel injection 4. Vacuum pump oil leakage 5. Vacuum pump oil fume 6. No heating 7. Heating does not stop 8. Sealing Uneven, not tight or unsealed Deformation of steel box Adjust the steel box 9. While heating, not heating at the same time 10. Pump rotation does not vacuum 11. Closing lid does not work, etc.

Processing method:

1. Food vacuum packaging machine pump oil is polluted, too little or too thin Clean the vacuum pump and replace the new vacuum pump oil; the pumping time is too short to extend the pumping time ; The suction filter is blocked Clean or replace the exhaust filter ; there is air leakage , Turn off the power after evacuation, check the solenoid valve, pipe joint, vacuum pump suction valve and the sealing gasket around the studio for air leakage.

2. The vacuum pump coupling is worn or broken and replaced; the exhaust filter is blocked or the installation position is not correct, clean or replace the exhaust filter and install it correctly; where there is air leakage, check the solenoid valve for air leakage and remove it.

3. The O-ring of the suction valve falls off, pull out the vacuum tube on the pump nozzle, remove the suction nozzle, take out the compression spring and the suction valve, gently stretch the O-ring several times, re-insert it into the groove, and then It can be installed; if the rotary vane is worn out, replace the rotary vane.

4. If the oil return valve is blocked, remove the oil return valve and clean it (see the manual for details); after the oil window is loose, remove the oil window and wrap it with raw material tape or thin plastic film.

5. If the suction filter is blocked or polluted, clean or replace the exhaust filter; if the pump oil is polluted, replace it with new oil; if the oil return valve is blocked, clean the oil return valve.

6. If the heating strip is burned out, replace the heating strip; the heating time relay is burned out (the two lights are on at the same time when the OMRON light is turned on, and the color of the OMRON light is yellow). The switch is in poor contact, repair or replace; the AC contactor that controls the heating does not reset and repair (blow out foreign objects with airflow) or replace; the heating transformer is damaged Replace

7. The heating time relay is in poor contact or burned out, adjust the time relay to contact the socket or replace it; the control heating AC contactor is not reset to repair or replace

8. If the heating time and heating temperature are not adjusted properly, adjust it to the appropriate level; if there is attachment on the heating cloth, gently scrape the attachment with a fingernail; if the pressure solenoid valve does not work, clean or replace the solenoid valve; if the airbag is damaged, replace the airbag; if the pressurized trachea is damaged Repair or replace; do not deflate cooling time relay is broken (in the electrical box) replace the time relay; bleed valve circuit is open Find and connect well; bleed valve sticks or burns out, remove for cleaning or replace

9. Short circuit between the unheated side of the packaging bag bead and the heating device (usually short-circuit with the copper pad) Adjust the position of the copper pad, or rest the bag bar

10. The studio is not covered tightly The studio is covered tightly; the motor is reversed (be careful not to change the ground wire, the color wire is the ground wire); the fuse is broken (the indicator light is on) Replace the same specification fuse

11. No power supply Check whether there is power supply; the travel switch does not act and adjust the paddle of the travel switch; the fuse is broken (the indicator light is on) Replace the same specification fuse frequently burn the fuse and there is a short circuit Find and eliminate it; the motor reverse time is too long Any two-phase power cord Replace the installation (except the ground wire); if the oil viscosity is too high, clean the pump and change the oil.


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