Factors affecting the shelf life of modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging products and choosing a good packaging machine

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Factors affecting the shelf life of modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging products and choosing a good packaging machine

External factors affecting the shelf life of modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging products:

1. Temperature control: including environmental temperature control for processing, packaging, storage, transportation and sales.

2. Hygiene management: product processing and packaging adhere to good hygiene management (GMP) and implement HACCP management system.

3. Raw material quality: initial bacterial count and physical and chemical indicators such as peroxide value (PV), thiobarbituric acid value (TBA).

4. Other ingredients in the product.

5. Time interval from processing to packaging.

6. The ratio of gas to product volume.

7. Mixed gas proportioning accuracy and residual gas composition (residual oxygen %).

8. The air permeability of O2/, CO2 and N2 of the packaging material. Therefore, controlling every link and condition in the process of packaging, storage, transportation, and shelf delivery of modified atmosphere food is a necessary factor to make cooked food products achieve an ideal fresh-keeping effect. Only strict control and management can achieve a good effect of food preservation shelf life, so that enterprises can obtain good economic and social benefits.

How to choose a modified atmosphere packaging machine

The reason why gas fresh-keeping packaging is different from other forms of packaging is because of different packaging purposes and requirements. Other forms of packaging are carried out on the basis of sacrificing the original flavor and characteristics of the food, and the packaging only plays an auxiliary role. Gas fresh-keeping packaging is required to maintain and extend the freshness and shelf life of food through the internal environment of the packaging. In the process of food preservation, modified atmosphere packaging plays a leading role. Therefore, choosing a good modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging equipment is a key link in food preservation.

Internationally, gas preservation packaging equipment adopts fully enclosed vacuum chamber replacement gas technology, such as MULTIVAC in Germany and ULMA in Spain. At present, Zhejiang Mingwei Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. in China can produce and reach the level of fresh-keeping packaging machines in Europe and the United States.

The characteristic of the fully enclosed vacuum chamber replacement gas technology is to put the package into the vacuum chamber, use a vacuum pump to evacuate the vacuum chamber under fully enclosed conditions, and then use a high-precision gas mixer to fill the mixed gas into the vacuum chamber, and then Seal packaging. Compared with the equipment commonly used in China, which are equipped with inflatable supplementary attempts, vacuum generators, flow meters, etc., the gas replacement rate of the fully enclosed vacuum chamber gas replacement technology is high (≥99%), and the gas mixing accuracy is better than ±1%, can better control the quality and shelf life of fruits and vegetables, and completely avoid the serious problems of fruit and vegetable preservation and uncontrollable shelf life due to poor gas ratio accuracy and high residual oxygen in the package.

So, how to choose gas fresh-keeping packaging equipment?

First of all, it is necessary to understand the gas replacement form of the equipment and whether it is equipped with a vacuum pump. We know that the oxygen content in the atmosphere is 20.9%, and the oxygen content in the fresh-keeping packaging of cooked food must be strictly controlled, which requires a vacuum pump to clean the air in the packaging box, and then fill a certain proportion according to different foods. Mixing gases, so that the content of each gas can be precisely controlled. If the air in the box has not been evacuated completely, and there is still some air left, then even if the proportion of the mixed gas filled is more accurate, if the oxygen contained in the residual air is added, the existing error cannot be estimated. The error in the gas ratio will lead to uncontrollable shelf life of food preservation packaging, and even lead to the infringement of consumers' rights and interests due to food deterioration, which will bring unnecessary economic losses to food manufacturers.

Therefore, the fully enclosed vacuum replacement structure and the use of a vacuum pump to replace the gas are the primary standards of the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine. Both are indispensable, and without the equipment with the above structure and configuration, in a strict sense, it cannot really be called a modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine, and the problems and consequences arising from the use of such so-called "modified atmosphere packaging machines" , and can not be attributed to the real modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging equipment. Especially for food preservation packaging that needs to be filled with high concentration of oxygen, such as cold meat, a high-oxygen vacuum pump with explosion-proof, flame-retardant and other properties is equipped to avoid the possibility of deflagration accidents due to the presence of high concentration of oxygen in the packaging environment. Required safety equipment.

Secondly, it is necessary to choose a fresh-keeping packaging machine that replaces the gas in a fully enclosed vacuum chamber. The so-called "fully enclosed vacuum chamber replacement gas" is to place the packaging box in a fully enclosed environment, and carry out vacuuming, filling of mixed gas, packaging and sealing in the fully enclosed environment. This working form can fully achieve the required gas replacement rate ≥99%, and the gas mixing accuracy is better than ±1%. We know that high vacuum must be achieved in a closed environment, which is impossible to achieve in other forms.


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