Food preservation draws attention to modified atmosphere packaging

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Food preservation draws attention to modified atmosphere packaging

As early as the middle of the last century, developed areas abroad have used modified atmosphere preservation technology for food packaging, and it has been favored by consumers. However, the introduction of modified atmosphere packaging into China was not smooth at the beginning, and the market acceptance was not very high. In Europe and the United States, people like to go to the supermarket to buy the packaged ready-made products, while the Chinese like to go to restaurants to eat, or go to the market to buy fresh meat dishes and cook them at home. Therefore, when some international modified atmosphere packaging machinery companies first entered the Chinese market, there was basically no modified atmosphere packaging.

Modified atmosphere packaging machines win longer shelf life, better freshness, better taste, color and shape for food. The modified atmosphere protective gas in the package acts on the microbial and biochemical reactions in the food and thus delays the spoilage of the food. For example, the vast majority of fresh meat counters in large supermarkets in China only store unsold meat in refrigerators. Such meat generally has a fresh-keeping period of only 1-2 days. After the use of modified atmosphere packaging, it can be greatly extended. It has a shelf life of 5-7 days. Therefore, whether it is vegetables or fruits, meat or fish, modified atmosphere preservation technology has become an inevitable trend for the processing and packaging of fresh food.

Now, with the continuous high-speed growth of China's economy and the continuous improvement of domestic consumption levels, consumers pay more and more attention to the safety and freshness of food, and fresh food will definitely become a new economic growth point for food production enterprises. At the same time, modified atmosphere protection technology is an important part of the quality monitoring system of modern food processing industry. A more reliable and cost-effective advanced technology for deep freezing or traditional methods using preservatives

Overall package plan

Zero additive safe food and high-quality appearance are the demands of every consumer. At this conference, various speech topics are repeatedly focusing on the mainstream fresh packaging in the market:

Modified atmosphere packaging (improved air preservation, ruddy color)

Body packaging (film coverage is like a second skin, long-term preservation)

Shrink bag packaging (low cost and high quality, suitable for large areas of meat)

Shrink bag packaging (low cost and high quality, suitable for large areas of meat)

The mainstream of these types of packaging is the choice made by the new retail market. It is not difficult to see that traditional packaging (simple film wrapping, seals not filled with modified gas, etc.) is gradually losing its share. New retail is omni-channel retail, which is an online and offline integrated marketing model. The younger generation, the main force of consumption, pays more attention to quality and service, individuality and appearance, freshness and safety. The new retail stores such as Hema Xiansheng and Super Species that emerged overnight last year saw this. They cut in from fresh food, accelerated the expansion of fresh food categories and developed cold chain logistics. In such an era, how can brands meet consumer demand? How does the packaging spark with the product?

As far as the meat industry is concerned, the Asia-Pacific region accounts for 46% of the world, and the growth rate of meat packaging in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to be 7%. Solving the problems of taste, shelf life, edible safety, logistics safety and attractive appearance of packaging is the packaging demand for meat under China's new retail model:

①Fresh food

② food safety

③ Controllable cost

④ Not afraid of logistics

The major feature of the modified atmosphere food preservation packaging machine is that the reproduction of bacteria and microorganisms can be inhibited to a large extent by the preservation gas, the preservation and quality time of food can be prolonged, and the original flavor, taste and characteristics of the food can be maintained in this form.

We know that the basic conditions for the growth of bacteria are nothing more than sufficient nutrition, suitable temperature and humidity, suitable PH value, suitable dissolved oxygen, etc. These conditions are easy to exist in the food production environment and food. Therefore, Taking measures to control the breeding source of bacteria is an important task for food producers. At the same time, it is also one of the important prerequisites to ensure that the food in modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging can obtain a longer freshness and quality preservation time. What we call the fresh-keeping gas in the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging can only inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, but cannot fundamentally eradicate the bacteria. The number of colonies adsorbed on the food surface before packaging will directly affect the freshness and quality preservation time of the food after modified atmosphere packaging.

Modified atmosphere packaging machine is not only a basic demand for food freshness, but also a standard for measuring living standards. With the acceleration of urbanization in China and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the fresh meat market will further expand. Consumers no longer just have choices in purchasing products, but choose consumption concepts and consumption patterns. Consumers increasingly value the fresh texture, pure taste, green packaging and attractive appearance of meat products.

Therefore, the modified atmosphere packaging machine produced by Mingwei Company has the effect of food packaging technology and preservation to meet the needs of customers. With the development of society and the increasing consumer demand for high-quality food, the use of modified atmosphere packaging machines to package products will become a new market trend.


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