How to choose a modified atmosphere packaging machine

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How to choose a modified atmosphere packaging machine

How to choose a modified atmosphere packaging machine

The editor of Mingwei Machinery will talk to you about how to choose a modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine?

Most of the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machines are different from other forms of packaging because of different packaging purposes and requirements. Other forms of packaging are carried out on the basis of sacrificing the original flavor and characteristics of the food. The fresh-keeping packaging machine is required to maintain and extend the freshness and shelf life of food through the internal environment of the packaging. In the process of food preservation, modified atmosphere packaging plays a leading role. Therefore, choosing a good modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging equipment is the key to food preservation. In the key link, the international modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging equipment adopts fully enclosed vacuum chamber replacement gas technology. At present, domestic Mingwei Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. can produce and reach the level of fresh-keeping packaging machines in Europe and the United States.

First, to understand the gas replacement form of the equipment and whether it is equipped with a vacuum pump, we know that the oxygen content in the atmosphere is 20.9%, and the nitrogen content in the comfortable and fresh-keeping packaging must be strictly controlled, which requires the use of a vacuum pump. The air in the packaging box is cleaned up, and then a certain proportion of mixed gas is filled according to different foods, so that the content of various gases can be accurately controlled. No matter how high the accuracy of the gas ratio is, if the oxygen contained in the residual air is added, the error cannot be estimated, and the error in the gas ratio will lead to the uncontrollable shelf life of food preservation, and even lead to food spoilage and damage to consumption Therefore, the fully enclosed vacuum replacement structure and the use of vacuum pump to replace the gas are the primary standards of the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine, both of which are indispensable, without the above structure and The configured equipment, in a strict sense, cannot really be called a modified atmosphere packaging machine, and the problems and consequences caused by the use of such so-called "modified atmosphere packaging machines" cannot be attributed to the real sense. It is equipped with high-oxygen vacuum pumps with explosion-proof, flame-retardant and other properties to avoid the presence of high-concentration oxygen in the packaging environment. The necessary safety facilities for possible deflagration accidents.

Second, it is necessary to choose a fresh-keeping packaging machine that replaces the gas in a fully enclosed vacuum chamber. The so-called "fully enclosed vacuum chamber replacement gas" is to place the packaging box in a fully enclosed environment, and vacuumize and fill it in the fully enclosed environment. Into the mixed gas, packaging and sealing workflow, this form of work can fully achieve the required gas replacement rate ≥ 99%. The gas mixing accuracy is ±1. We know that the high vacuum degree can only be achieved in a closed environment. It is impossible to use other forms. Only in this way can high-precision gas replacement be realized. It is completely pumped out, and then filled with mixed fresh-keeping gas in a precisely configured proportion. Only in this way can the accuracy of the proportion of mixed fresh-keeping gas in the packaging container be ensured, and the ultimate purpose of food preservation can be achieved.

Third, it is necessary to choose a modified atmosphere packaging machine with a gas mixer configuration. The gas mixer is one of the necessary configurations for modified atmosphere packaging machines in Europe and the United States. At present, the international modified atmosphere packaging machines use more German WITT gas mixers , the main feature is the proportion of its gas, which helps to control the storage, transportation and sales of fresh-keeping products, and maintain the uniformity of the freshness of the packaged food. The key factor of the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine is the mixing ratio of the fresh-keeping gas, while the Gas is a substance that cannot be seen by the naked eye, and the ratio error of fresh-keeping gas is something that food manufacturers cannot sense with the senses. Just imagine, if our daily labor and labor results are ultimately controlled by a wrong gas ratio, It is so sad to see the fruits of our labor go to waste. To ensure the accuracy of the fresh-keeping gas, only reliable and high-precision equipment can be used. No matter how many products are produced and for how long, food production Manufacturers can use gas control equipment to accurately grasp and control the fresh-keeping period of food. There is no need or need to worry about the fresh-keeping quality of food during the fresh-keeping period. At the same time, it can also avoid the early deterioration of some food caused by different food insurance periods. Consumer complaints.

Fourth, it depends on whether the manufacturer of the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine has the ability to perform high-precision analysis of the gas ratio. As a food manufacturer, it is impossible to analyze the proportion of various gases in the packaged modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine. Moreover, the price of high-precision gas analysis equipment is high, and it is impossible for food manufacturers to purchase them. Therefore, the ability of modified atmosphere packaging machine manufacturers to analyze and detect the proportion of fresh-keeping gas is a very critical condition. If the proportion of gas filled into the packaging container cannot be known, then the performance of the equipment produced must be marked with a big question mark. The so-called equipment manufacturer has the ability to analyze the gas proportion with high precision, which requires the equipment to be used in all aspects of production, delivery and after-sales. , all require strict detection of the mixing ratio of the fresh-keeping gas, especially before putting into food packaging or when changing the mixing ratio of the fresh-keeping gas for different types of food packaging, it is necessary to strictly detect and calibrate the proportion of the fresh-keeping gas. It is conceivable that if a modified atmosphere The manufacturers of fresh-keeping packaging equipment do not have the basic gas ratio detection methods, and what if it is proved that the equipment provided can package the food's fresh-keeping packaging ability? It can be said that without the detection method of the proportion of fresh-keeping gas, it is impossible to have the ability to produce gas fresh-keeping packaging equipment in the true sense. The food-modified atmosphere fresh-keeping machine has become a market trend in food packaging. Modified atmosphere preservation technology has been used in food packaging and is favored by consumers. Fresh food is not only a basic need, but also a standard for measuring living standards. With the acceleration of urbanization in China and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the market for fresh meat products will further expand. Consumers no longer just choose products, but also choose a consumption concept and consumption method. Consumers increasingly value the fresh texture, authentic taste, green environmental protection and attractive appearance of meat products. Therefore, the food industry needs to develop new food packaging technologies to meet the needs of customers. Due to the development of society and the increasing demand of consumers for high-quality food, the use of fresh-keeping meat products will definitely become a new market development trend.


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