How to choose a modified atmosphere packaging machine

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How to choose a modified atmosphere packaging machine

How to choose a modified atmosphere packaging machine with stable effect in the current flooded market?

First, check whether the air has been exhausted cleanly? Generally, the residual oxygen in the packaging material is less than 0.5% is qualified.

We all know that the oxygen content in the atmosphere is 20.9%, and the oxygen content in the fresh-keeping packaging of cooked food must be strictly controlled, which requires the use of a vacuum pump to clean the air in the packaging box, and then fill a certain proportion according to different foods. The mixture of gases, so that the content of various gases can be precisely controlled. If the air in the box has not been evacuated completely, and there is still some air left, then even if the proportion of the mixed gas filled is more accurate, if the oxygen contained in the residual air is added, the existing error cannot be estimated. The error in the gas ratio will lead to uncontrollable shelf life of food preservation packaging, and even lead to the infringement of consumers' rights and interests due to food deterioration, which will bring unnecessary economic losses to food manufacturers.

In addition to the alternate replacement method on the market now, only the vacuum replacement technology of Zhejiang Mingwei Machinery Co., Ltd. can clean the air. It is recommended to check the relevant data before purchasing.

Second, the proportion of fresh-keeping mixed gas must be accurate, and a modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine with a gas mixer configuration must be selected.

The gas mixer is one of the necessary configurations for modified atmosphere packaging machines in Europe and the United States. Only the mixer with a gas distribution error of less than 2% is qualified for use. At present, most of the air-conditioning fresh-keeping packaging machines used in the world are gas mixers from WITT, Germany. The main features are its high gas ratio mixing accuracy, good stability and long service life. By adjusting the gas mixer, the required and accurate ratio of mixed fresh-keeping gas can be obtained at any time, which helps to control the storage, transportation and sales of fresh-keeping products and maintain the uniformity of the freshness of the packaged food.

Air mixing system

To ensure the accuracy of fresh-keeping gas, only equipment with reliable quality and high precision can be used. In this way, no matter how many products are produced and how long they are produced, food manufacturers can use gas control equipment to accurately grasp and control the fresh-keeping period of food. Shelf life, there is no need or need to worry about the fresh-keeping quality of food during the fresh-keeping period, and it can also avoid consumer complaints caused by different food-preservation periods that cause some foods to deteriorate in advance.

There are two common detection methods on the market: gas extraction analysis and spectral analysis, which can detect gas distribution errors.

Processing configuration

Third, clarify the configuration of the main components of the equipment

Except for the replacement system and gas mixer, such as air cylinders, electrical parts, control parts, etc., quality problems in any part can cause data disorder in the fresh-keeping packaging process, and even cause equipment to stop running, causing losses to users. Therefore, it is necessary to choose equipment with high configuration, good quality, and scientific and reasonable design as much as possible, and try to choose accessories from international first-line brands, such as mixers from German WITT, electrical components from Schneider, and pneumatic components from CKD, etc. Consider long-term benefits and Development trend, not just stay in the current understanding, let alone listen to the words of one equipment manufacturer.

Modified atmosphere packaging with cut edges

Fourth, the seal must be tight and air-tight, with less waste and beautiful appearance

The sealing effect is also a very important technology, because no matter how well you do it, once the air leaks, it will lose the meaning of air conditioning, causing all previous efforts to be lost. Many devices can be sealed at the beginning, but after using for a long time, there will be air leakage such as the sealing is not strong. This is mainly because the mold is made of a single aluminum material, and the thickness is not up to standard. Long-term use or heating leads to deformation of the mold and poor sealing. In addition, the packaged box has less waste and fewer offers, so it is beautiful. Just imagine that a handsome and sloppy guy can't evoke the goodwill of a beautiful woman!

Fifth, the design should be reasonable

On the one hand, it can ensure the stable operation of the product, but it must also ensure the convenience and maintenance of the packaging process. After all, good machinery is operated by humans. Taking into account human factors, the machinery is easy to operate, maintain, and maintain. important

Sixth, service

Good service is a way to ensure the normal operation of equipment. If the equipment fails, it will be tracked and repaired in time. Otherwise, the production chain will increase losses.

Choosing a good modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging equipment is a key link in food preservation. Internationally, Modivik from Germany and ULMA from Spain are the best ones in the world. At present, only a few domestic enterprises such as Zhejiang Mingwei Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. can produce and reach the level of fresh-keeping packaging machines in Europe and the United States.


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