How to choose a packaging machine that suits your product

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How to choose a packaging machine that suits your product

With the continuous increase of labor costs, labor efficiency is low, and the pressure on enterprise operations continues to increase. Especially in recent years, the market is sluggish, labor shortages, and labor costs have become important obstacles to the development of enterprises. In order to reduce labor costs and improve the production efficiency of enterprises, many enterprises have begun to replace labor with machinery, especially large enterprises, and fully automatic mechanized assembly lines have gradually become the standard configuration of enterprises. However, the domestic packaging machinery market is mixed, and many large enterprises have gone through many detours. How do enterprises choose a packaging machine suitable for their own products? Many bosses will have such a trouble when purchasing a heat shrink packaging machine. There are many types of heat shrink packaging machines, and each product has a corresponding model size. How to choose a heat shrink packaging machine? Today I will teach you how to choose a suitable heat shrink packaging machine according to your own products.

The packaging method has now been developed to package any material in any form. The container obtained by thermoforming is not only in the shape of a small blister, but also in the shape of a larger plate, cup, and bowl, which are used to package food, daily necessities, electrical components, and the like. This kind of packaging has the advantages of light weight, good airtightness, strong adaptability, transparency and visibility, no additional buffer materials for packing, and easy sales and consumption, so it has developed rapidly in recent years. In line with this, thermoforming packaging machines have also developed rapidly in recent years.

The first step is to determine the packaging method of your product to choose a suitable heat shrink packaging machine. Packaging methods are divided into: open packaging at both ends and fully enclosed packaging. The open-ended packaging is more suitable for bottled products such as cans, mineral water, beer, and beverages. Fully enclosed packaging is more suitable for products that require sealed packaging, so you can choose a fully automatic heat shrink packaging machine, etc.

The second step is to determine the packaging film that your product will use. At present, most of the PE and POF packaging films are used on the market; according to the use of the film, we can choose PE heat shrinking machine or POF heat shrinking machine. POF film is generally used for gift boxes, cosmetics and other items; PE film is mostly used in the beverage industry;

The three steps depend on the packaging effect and efficiency of the product. The thermal packaging effect of the product is beautiful and elegant, in order to attract consumers to buy. The packaging efficiency determines the entire production progress of the enterprise, so the bosses should also choose the machine according to their own production conditions when choosing a heat shrink packaging machine.

In four steps, it is necessary to determine whether the product should be semi-automatic packaging or fully automatic packaging. Semi-automatic packaging is generally a manual L-shaped sealing and cutting machine connected to a heat shrink packaging machine; if you need fully automatic packaging, you can choose a fully automatic L-shaped vertical heat shrinking machine. . It is a matter of considering the price.

In one sentence: If you care about the quality of the machine, then please respect its price. If you want cheap, then please don't delusion how good quality it is. Machines of poor quality will inevitably have large and small problems during use, and machine maintenance will cost money and even affect production. So it is very important to choose a good quality machine.


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