How to operate a vacuum packaging machine

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How to operate a vacuum packaging machine

The vacuum packaging machine is very popular among enterprises at the moment, especially for the vacuum packaging of food, almost all of them choose this equipment. Many customers have asked about the operation method of the vacuum packaging machine. The following is a brief description. It is not very clear. You can call us Zhejiang Mingwei.

The operation of the vacuum packaging machine is mainly divided into adjustment before use and attention during use, which are introduced separately below.

Preparation before use:

1. The vacuum packaging machine is placed smoothly, check whether the cover is closed smoothly, and whether it automatically jumps up after letting go. 2. Equipped with a power supply that meets the requirements of the model.

3. Check whether the position of the oil level of the vacuum pump of the vacuum packaging machine is correct, if not, adjust it (see the instruction manual of the vacuum pump for details).

4. Ground the machine well.

5. Turn on the power, turn on the power switch, close the cover, and check whether the vacuum pump is running normally.

Adjustment before use:

1. Select the degree of vacuum The pumping time of the vacuum packaging machine is digitally displayed and continuously adjustable. The pumping time of the small vacuum packaging machine is adjustable by digital rotary 0-30 seconds. Adjust the pump down time to achieve the desired vacuum level. 2. Select the heating temperature Select the required heating temperature according to the packaging bag material, and adjust the heating temperature knob to the corresponding position.

3. Adjust the heating time Heating time, digital display, continuously adjustable, according to the packaging material used and the heating temperature, adjust the heating time knob to select the appropriate heating time.

4. Select the silicone word of the sealing silicone rubber strip as required, and set the sealing date and other characters.

Precautions when using:

1. Turn on the power switch.

2. Flip open the packing bag strip, put the packing bag containing the packaged items into the work room, place the sealing part flat on the silicone rubber strip, do not overlap the bags, turn over the packing bag strip and press the mouth of the packing bag. it is good.

3. (or press the edge of the upper cover), press down on the working room and close the cover, the machine will automatically complete the vacuum packaging process and automatically open the cover according to the program. Some equipment is equipped with an emergency stop switch.

4. Open the vacuum cover and take out the packaging bag to complete a working cycle.

5. Turn off the power switch and pull out the power plug when it stops working.


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