Introduction of Modified Atmosphere Preservation Packaging Process for Cooked Food

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Introduction of Modified Atmosphere Preservation Packaging Process for Cooked Food

Cooked food generally adopts a complete set of technological processes such as vacuum quick cooling, bacteria reduction treatment, and modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging, and is produced in a standard clean workshop below a certain temperature, which can effectively control the pollution and reproduction of microorganisms, prevent cooked food from oxidizing at high temperature, and prolong the production of cooked food. Shelf life of cooked food. The vacuum quick cooling of cooked food is the use of vacuum cooling technology, so that the food can pass through the rapid propagation zone of food bacteria between 25 and 50 °C at a very fast cooling speed in a vacuum state, so that the temperature of cooked food is reduced to below 10 °C. Avoid secondary pollution before the product is packaged. This improves the quality and safety of the food and extends the shelf life.

Composite modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging is also known as gas replacement packaging, and internationally known as MAP packaging (ie Modified Atmosphere Packing). The principle of the composite modified atmosphere packaging machine is to use composite fresh-keeping gas (2-3 kinds of gases are mixed according to the food characteristics) to replace the air in the packaging box or packaging bag, change the external environment of the food in the tray, and inhibit bacteria (microorganisms). ) growth and reproduction, thereby extending the shelf life or shelf life of food. Different foods have different components and proportions of fresh-keeping gas.

During the process of storage, transportation and sale of finished products, the temperature is always controlled within the range of 0 to 4 °C, so that the fresh-keeping period of the product can be more than 7 days. Compared with the traditional processing technology, the whole process flow has the characteristics of reasonable flow, convenient operation and low energy consumption. The cooked food produced by it has outstanding advantages such as color, fragrance, delicious taste, good shape, original taste, high sanitation and safety, and long shelf life. In addition to stricter requirements for raw materials, food cooking and processing standards and retention time are very important in the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging of cooked food. Immediately after cooking, cooked food needs to be rapidly cooled in vacuum and cut and packaged at a temperature below 20°C. If the processing hygiene conditions at this stage are poor, such as pathogenic bacteria in the air and insufficient disinfection of knives and operators, the food will be re-contaminated, although The CO2 in the composite gas can inhibit the proliferation of residual bacteria, but it still affects the shelf life of food to a certain extent.

The modified atmosphere packaging of cooked food is a lag period that relies on carbon dioxide to inhibit the growth and reproduction curves of most aerobic bacteria and fungi. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good modified atmosphere packaging machine for the precise requirements of the fresh-keeping gas. At the same time, bacterial contamination before packaging of cooked food The fewer the number, the better the bacteriostatic effect and the longer the shelf life.


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