Is the cost of modified atmosphere lock fresh packaging high?

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Is the cost of modified atmosphere lock fresh packaging high?

Whether it is fresh food or cooked food, as long as it is exposed to the air and placed at room temperature for a period of time, it will deteriorate. Some are mouldy and agglomerated, some are rotten and smelly, some are rotten and sour, and some are stinky and smelly. In order to ensure that consumers can eat healthy and safe food, vacuum packaging is the main method of preservation at this stage. Food additives need to be added to the vacuum packaging machine to achieve a good preservation effect. Vacuum packaging will also destroy food fiber cells. Affecting the taste, in order to improve the quality of fresh-keeping, a new fresh-keeping packaging method, modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging, has been launched on the market.

Modified atmosphere packaging is called MAP packaging internationally. The principle of the modified atmosphere packaging machine is to use mixed fresh-keeping gas (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide three gases are mixed according to the characteristics of the food) to replace the air in the packaging box or packaging bag, change the external environment of the food in the tray, and inhibit bacteria. (microbial) growth and reproduction, thereby extending the shelf life or shelf life of food. Different foods have different components and proportions of fresh-keeping gas. The specific modified atmosphere packaging process is as follows:

Pre-cooling: Generally, a professional vacuum pre-cooling machine is used to cool high-temperature food to below 10 degrees in a short time. Small-scale production can be replaced by pre-cooling warehouses or low-temperature air conditioners. It is the basic premise of modified atmosphere packaging to reduce the time for bacterial reproduction, to ensure that the colony does not exceed the standard before packaging, and the food does not deteriorate.

Sales environment: Temperature is one of the most important factors affecting the reproduction of bacteria. The fresh meat that has been packaged in modified atmosphere must be delivered under cold chain conditions of 0~4°C. Some anaerobic bacteria are contained in modified atmosphere packaging at room temperature. still reproduce.

Packaging materials: Packaging materials will not only affect the appearance, bad packaging materials will also affect the gas transmission rate, thereby affecting the product preservation period. The plastic wrap with anti-fog effect is the preferred choice for modified atmosphere packaging of cooked food products.

These three aspects basically determine the cost of air-conditioning lock fresh packaging, while pre-cooling and sales environment are one-time investments. The cost is determined according to the size, which can be as low as a few thousand yuan or as high as hundreds of thousands. The cost of packaging materials is the embodiment of the sales cost of each box, and it is also a cost that businesses care about. Packaging materials are divided into three aspects: box, sealing film, and gas. Take cooked food as an example:

1. The size of the box is similar to that of Zhou Hei Ya, and the market price is between 0.35 yuan and 0.45 yuan.

2. According to different materials, the approximate price of sealing film is 30 yuan/kg - 55 yuan/kg, and the cost of sealing a single box is between 0.1 yuan and 0.2 yuan.

3. Gas is the cheapest cost. The market price of a bottle of nitrogen is about 80 yuan, and the price of carbon dioxide is about 120 yuan. A bottle of nitrogen can be filled with 1,000 boxes, and a bottle of carbon dioxide can be filled with 2,500 boxes.

According to a rough calculation, the packaging cost price of a finished product is about 0.65 yuan, but the overall price of modified atmosphere packaging products is slightly higher than that of vacuum packaging and bulk packaging, so the cost of modified atmosphere packaging is also possible for manufacturers. It will also be lower than vacuum packaging.


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