Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine - Bringing Food and Health Together

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Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine - Bringing Food and Health Together

Modified atmosphere packaging machines are used in local food companies to lock the freshness of cooked food, fresh meat and vegetables, etc. It is worth noting that the freshness of cooked food is at least filled with a certain concentration of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Good bacteriostatic effect, and a certain concentration of carbon dioxide is easy to chemically react with water in food to form carbonic acid, while carbonic acid has a sterilizing effect, and nitrogen is an inert gas, which only plays a filling role. Or do not replace the gas, the preservation effect is very poor. Technology has changed the packaging method and quality. Food lock fresh packaging has changed the original packaging mode of food, greatly extending the shelf life of food, thus changing the food supply mode. Modified atmosphere packaging machines are mostly used for clean vegetables, seafood, organic vegetables, fruits, cooked food, fresh meat, etc. The products after locking are sold to all parts of the country through offline physical stores and online networks. The modified atmosphere packaging machine mainly starts from three technical aspects to ensure the extension of the fresh-keeping period of cooked food and fresh food: 1. The modified atmosphere packaging machine is used to inhibit and eliminate the breeding and reproduction of harmful bacteria. 2. Reduce the aerobic respiration rate of living cells, but it cannot be vacuumed to avoid anaerobic reaction. 3. After the modified atmosphere packaging is completed, it needs to be placed at 0℃-4℃ Refrigeration in the cold storage of cold storage also reduces the activity of living cells and reduces the rate of aerobic respiration.

People expect food to be fresh, attractive and of high quality at any time, anywhere. In order to achieve these expectations, manufacturers and distributors have to solve huge logistical problems, the high temperature type of the goods ensures that they can be transported over long distances, in addition, the packaged food is attractive enough for people to buy, consistent quality ( Taste, freshness, etc.) are necessary to gain strong customer loyalty, and the durability and resistance of perishable commodities such as meat, fish and seafood depends not only on the raw materials themselves, but also on the influence of the environment. Microorganisms and biochemical reactions are the reasons for the deterioration of perishable food, which is what fresh meat and seafood are particularly concerned about. The deterioration starts after slaughtering, which is difficult to stop, because the microorganisms have already reached it, and one may reduce Or slowing down its activity is known to be freezing. Of course, frozen food is not considered a fresh product, in addition, the goods must be constantly frozen during transportation, which is a high-cost and high-input method compared to MAP packaging. A large number of practices have proved the obvious effect of the application of modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine, better product quality and longer shelf life, prevention of oxidation, spoilage and discoloration, improved atmosphere and inhibition of bacterial and fungal growth characteristics, easy to breakage. The product is mechanically protected to protect the appearance, smell, flavor and texture of the product so as to maintain its freshness and prolong the shelf life. It can change the way of food transportation and greatly reduce the transportation cost.

It is understood that there are a lot of domestic food packaging technology materials, but the technology is backward, and it focuses on theory, and its practicability is not strong. In order for my country's food packaging industry to integrate into the new trend of international food packaging, take the initiative in the fierce market competition, and make the gap between my country's food packaging industry and developed regions continue to shorten, it is necessary to introduce and absorb foreign food packaging new technologies.

Therefore, it is of great significance to increase the development, research and application of new food packaging technologies in my country. In order to meet the needs of modern society, the introduction of foreign advanced modified atmosphere packaging technology is an important condition for improving the level of modified atmosphere packaging technology in my country and maintaining, improving and extending the nutritional value of food. It is a challenge and an opportunity. It is believed that with the increasingly mature and rational market demand, China's modified atmosphere food preservation packaging will flourish in a short period of time and become the mainstream of consumers' purchase of food.


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