Modified Atmosphere Packaging Packaging Materials and Applications

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Modified Atmosphere Packaging Packaging Materials and Applications

With the demand of the market, when many businesses transform their products from traditional packaging to modified atmosphere packaging, the right choice of modified atmosphere packaging materials can save costs, reflect the aesthetic advantages of products, and enhance shelf life. Often when choosing a packaged air-conditioning material, I don’t know where to start and what kind of packaging to look for. The following is the use effect of each material of modified atmosphere packaging analyzed by Zhejiang Mingwei Machinery Co., Ltd.

Modified atmosphere packaging materials:

Semi-rigid material/hard material: APET tray, PP tray, PVC tray, HIPS tray, roll film. Amorphous polyethylene terephthalate (APET) as a prefabricated box material with the following characteristics: clean peel, no residue on the tray; high oxygen and moisture barrier; printed or unprinted ; Color can be selected. In addition, it is worth mentioning the application of anti-fog technology and easy peel technology.

Anti-fog technology: The anti-fog component is embedded in the center of the heat sealing layer, and the anti-fog effect occurs when the component continues to migrate to the surface of the film, preventing the product from fading and drying.

Easy-peeling technology: separate the heat-sealing layer from the peeling layer to achieve complete heat-sealing of the heat-sealing layer, and the easy-peeling force is not affected by the heat-sealing temperature or machine conditions.

Application and Prospect of Modified Atmosphere Packaging

At present, MAP is mostly multi-layer high-barrier cover film (PET or OPA/PE/EVOH/PE) and multi-layer high-barrier tray (APET or PP or EPS//PE/EVOH/PE). The typical MAP is beef with 80 %O2/20%CO2, 100% N2 of processed meat, through these means can achieve extended shelf life (1 to 4 weeks for processed meat, 4 to 10 days for beef), bright color (red meat), and prevention of juice leakage (required absorbent pads), but still have the following disadvantages:

1. The contents of the bag will be transferred

2. Flat display, need additional transportation, storage and display space

3. Shorter shelf life than vacuum packaging

4. Expensive (multi-layer high barrier)

5. Not environmentally friendly and cannot be recycled (multi-layer)

The future MAP cover film and tray will be transformed from multi-layer PP and multi-layer APET to single-layer APET tray. This change can achieve 100% environmentally friendly recycling, with high reliable sealing integrity, adjustable opening force, high chemical barrier performance, and reduced raw material costs and environmental taxes.


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