Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Food to Improve "Charm"

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Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Food to Improve "Charm"

Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Food to Improve "Charm"

Today, consumers prefer natural and fresh food, and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is one of the newer technologies that can prevent fresh meat from spoiling and improve product shelf image. In addition to fresh meat, all kinds of meat, fish, seafood, baked goods, dairy products, prepared food, cooked food, etc. can use modified atmosphere packaging to improve retail charm, and food will also deteriorate due to bacterial activity, and in various bacteria , Pseudomonas is the main one, it will make the food smelly; once the oxidized myoglobin undergoes oxidation reaction, the food will lose its original fresh color. In addition, the oil in fried foods can oxidize the surface of the food. If the unsaturated fatty acids of high-fat fish are oxidized, the fish will stink. Baked goods can get moldy and dry out. The moisture content of baked goods is generally lower than aw 0.9, and microorganisms are not the main reason for their deterioration. Deterioration of prepared foods, mainly caused by microbial activity, yeast, mold or oxidation. Dairy products are also caused by microorganisms, Pseudomonas and Lactobacillus, which cause dairy products to become smelly and moldy. Carbon dioxide can effectively inhibit bacterial growth, and is generally used alone or mixed with other gases for modified atmosphere packaging machines. For most food products, modified atmosphere packaging machine technology can effectively extend the shelf life.

The main functions of modified atmosphere packaging are:

Extend the shelf life and reduce the loss caused by "expiration" in the sales process

Preserve the original flavor, texture and appearance of food

Improve production efficiency and prolong production cycle

Simplify the problems that may occur in 5-day production and 7-day sales

From the above, we can clearly understand that modified atmosphere packaging has become a widely used food preservation method, which is affecting meat, cheese, fish, poultry and other fresh and prepared foods abroad. packaging and sales of these foods in the global market. In my country, the research on the modified atmosphere packaging machine began in the late 1980s, and its application in production and commerce is only a matter of recent years, but in view of the current development situation in my country, the market for modified atmosphere packaging machines is favored by industry insiders. . However, we should also see that there are still good and bad situations in the domestic modified atmosphere packaging equipment production industry, which affects the process of the food modified atmosphere packaging machine market to a certain extent.

It is understood that there are a lot of domestic food packaging technology materials, but the technology is backward, and it focuses on theory, and its practicability is not strong. In order for my country's food packaging industry to integrate into the new trend of international food packaging, take the initiative in the fierce market competition, and make the gap between my country's food packaging industry and developed regions continue to shorten, it is necessary to introduce and absorb foreign food packaging new technologies. Therefore, it is of great significance to increase the development, research and application of new food packaging technologies in my country. In order to meet the needs of modern society, the introduction of foreign advanced modified atmosphere packaging technology is an important condition for improving the level of modified atmosphere packaging technology in my country and maintaining, improving and extending the nutritional value of food.

It can be said that the modified atmosphere food packaging machine is a challenge and an opportunity for my country's food preservation processing market. It is believed that with the increasingly mature and rational market demand, China's modified atmosphere food preservation packaging will flourish in a short period of time and become the mainstream of consumers' purchase of food. Shanghai Jixin Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. With precise control, the freshness of the product can be extended exceptionally.


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