Modified Atmosphere Packaging of Chilled Meat

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 Modified Atmosphere Packaging of Chilled Meat

The chilled meat after modified atmosphere packaging is refrigerated at a temperature of 0°C-4°C. Under the bacteriostatic effect of carbon dioxide, the growth and reproduction of most microorganisms are inhibited, and pathogenic bacteria such as Clostridium botulinum and Liaoning aureus secrete toxins. Speed is greatly reduced. In the packaging box that retains a small amount of oxygen, the living body of the fresh meat cells is in a state of low-speed aerobic respiration, so as not to form an anaerobic reaction, and the myoglobin will not brown. In order to be soft, the fresh-keeping equipment is replaced by air and proportionally mixed modified atmosphere. The box-type modified atmosphere packaging machine adopts the working condition that reduces the metabolic rate of food cells without anaerobic reaction, and does not require any preservatives and food additives. The natural preservation of cooked food can be achieved.

Due to the large number of people dining in the military, high-speed rail, aviation and other units, it is a difficult problem to keep the food fresh after frying. It is necessary to use a box-type modified atmosphere packaging machine to effectively preserve the freshness of the fried food, so as to ensure the freshness of the dining food. In addition, if the food is fried in modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging, the food can be prepared in advance, which gives enough time for the frying of the super-large amount of food. The box-type modified atmosphere packaging machine of Mingwei Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. adopts the original The packaging box is evacuated and filled with a certain proportion of mixed gas to effectively preserve and protect the packaged food. The box-type modified atmosphere packaging machine is a necessary food packaging machine for large-scale food enterprises, fresh meat and other distribution enterprises and large-scale stores.

With the accelerated pace of urban life, there are more and more fast food and dish delivery companies, but how to deliver large-scale box meals and dishes to diners is a big problem for these companies. In the stainless steel tray, the trays are placed on the cart in layers, and after one cart is full, the cart is pushed into the double-door vacuum cooling box for rapid cooling. Such a production process can avoid the problem that the dishes are "stuffed yellow" after being fried, which affects the taste and color. Cooked foods such as braised pork and braised chicken are easily exposed to various harmful substances during the natural drying and cooling process and in contact with the air. Bacterial infection, large-scale production enterprises use vacuum rapid cooling machine to quickly cool in a short time, and then carry out modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging. In this way, without using any food preservatives, the fresh-keeping period of braised products can be greatly extended. The food-modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine has become a market trend of food packaging. Developed countries in foreign countries have used the modified-atmosphere preservation technology as early as the middle of the last century. Food packaging, and favored by consumers.


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