Modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging lights up quality life

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Modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging lights up quality life

The modified atmosphere packaging machine produced by Shanghai Jixin Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. creates stable and high-quality food preservation packaging for enterprises. The main products: modified atmosphere packaging machine, modified atmosphere packaging machine, Jixin makes the taste fresher. The following is a brief introduction to the modified atmosphere packaging machine. Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is to fill a certain proportion of fresh-keeping gas into the food packaging, and seal the packaging through packaging materials with gas barrier properties to prolong the shelf life and fresh-keeping time and maintain the original food. Flavor and mouthfeel. As an advanced food preservation packaging technology in the world, modified atmosphere packaging can be applied to the packaging of raw and cooked meat, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, and baked goods. development prospects.

With the acceleration of China's urbanization process, people's demand for chilled meat is increasing, and more and more attention is paid to meat safety and nutritional health. The consumption of fresh meat is becoming a new market development trend. The one-stop modified atmosphere packaging solution adopted by the food industry can ensure the fresh texture, pure taste, green environmental protection and attractive appearance packaging of meat products to meet the needs of consumers.

Compared with vacuum packaging and nitrogen-filled packaging, the one-stop modified atmosphere packaging solution for chilled fresh meat is superior in terms of color, taste, nutritional value and shelf life, allowing food processing companies, supermarkets and consumers to be more diverse. benefit.

By adopting modified atmosphere packaging technology, food processing enterprises can keep the quality and freshness of chilled meat, thereby increasing the added value of products, enhancing competitiveness, and establishing a good corporate image of high quality and hygiene. At the same time, it prolongs the fresh-keeping period of chilled meat, reduces waste caused by premature deterioration of meat, and helps companies reduce the number of distributions, expand the scope of marketing, and improve efficiency and benefits.

Today, the chilled meat sold in modified atmosphere packaging in supermarkets and supermarkets maintains a bright color, is transparent and visible, and has a variety of appearances, attracting consumers to buy. Better sealing and wear resistance, effectively prevent leakage and peculiar smell, slow down the speed of meat spoilage, prolong the shelf life, and reduce the cost reasonably.

For consumers, the modified atmosphere packaging machine allows people to enjoy fresh and safe chilled meat, keeping its original taste. Even the "noble" meats such as Australian steak and high-quality beef tongue can lock in freshness, retain their delicious taste and reduce the loss of nutritional value. The application of modified atmosphere packaging has greatly enriched the choices of consumers and improved the quality of life.

In the era of intelligent packaging, the one-stop modified atmosphere packaging solution comprehensively and quickly solves the problems of large-scale production of chilled meat, long-distance transportation, and long-term refrigerated display that require full preservation. It will help to improve the overall technical level of China's packaging industry and further integrate with the international market, so that meat products can truly adapt to and integrate into modern large-scale markets and modern sales models; at the same time, it will enrich the "vegetable basket" to meet consumers' edible needs and improve people's consumption. standard of living.

The so-called food preservation is to maintain the original fresh state of the food. For cooked food, it is about keeping the cooked food fresh on the day it was made. Traditional packaging and storage can only solve the problem of food quality, but cannot keep food fresh. Due to the problem of the preservation period, many real specialty food stores cannot go out of their homes and cannot be sold overnight, and the market radius is very narrow, thus losing a huge consumer group.

The modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine of Jixin Packaging Machinery solves the problem of food preservation to a large extent, and can extend the fresh-keeping period of cooked food from 1 day to more than 7 days, which greatly expands the market radius of modified atmosphere packaging machine manufacturers, and also makes Consumers can taste local specialties thousands of miles away from their doorsteps, making a better balance between the freshness and safety period of modified atmosphere packaging for consumers.


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