Modified atmosphere packaging for fresh food in convenience stores

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Modified atmosphere packaging for fresh food in convenience stores

Convenience store is a general-purpose retail store. The store area is the same as that of coffee shops, cake shops and other professional retail stores, but there are many more product categories than the latter two, and it can meet more different needs. A long-standing retail format that meets rigid demands. As we all know, the room temperature products in convenience stores are not very different, the big difference is "fresh food products". Fresh food in modified atmosphere packaging is the main packaging method in convenience stores.

According to data, the fresh food category of convenience stores has a gross profit margin of about 30% to 40%, with a sales ratio of more than 30%, and the development prospects are particularly impressive. On this basis, what are the opportunities for quick-frozen food?


Convenience store market size reaches 130 billion yuan

Relevant data from the China Convenience Store Chain Association shows that by the end of 2017, there were nearly 100,000 chain brand convenience stores in my country, with a market size of 130 billion yuan. However, the region is obvious, and the national layout has not yet appeared.

The convenience of a convenience store is not only related to the location, but also to the category structure.

Some convenience stores focus on the development of commodity allocation from general commodities to fresh food commodities, from supper to breakfast, microwave food to hot dogs, bread, steamed buns, and the development of diversified fresh food such as "rice, prepared bread, hamburgers, and oden".

The "2018 China Convenience Store Development Report" shows that the product structure in China's convenience stores is dominated by prepackaged food, the number of food SKUs accounts for more than 70% on average, and the sales account for an average of 85%; on the other hand, it accounts for 30% The fresh food products of the following SKUs can have a gross profit margin of no less than 35%.

It is undeniable that fresh food is considered by the industry as a golden category to help convenience stores make profits.


Convenience store fresh food hides huge consumption potential in the domestic market

According to a recent TrendSource survey based on fresh food (fried chicken, hot dogs, Nachos) in U.S. convenience stores:

Nearly half (49.1%) of consumers believe that they have moderate trust in the safety and quality of fresh food in the store;

Only 2.8% of consumers fully trust its quality;

In addition, about 35% of consumers in total do not trust its quality at all or at all.

In contrast, domestic consumers have a more tolerant attitude towards fresh food.

According to the data released by the Ali Research Institute, 12.1% of consumers go to convenience stores to buy in-store dishes, and 10.4% of consumers buy oden; while 6.5% of consumers buy staple foods such as steamed buns and box lunches, respectively. 4.1%.

The overall data reflects the relative trust attitude of Chinese consumers towards fresh food.

In general, the role of fresh food in convenience stores is equivalent to a top student with excellent grades who can also drive the progress of the class.

From its own point of view, most of the fresh food is developed and produced by the supply chain system behind the convenience store, which is more independent and different than the traditional products whose price, quality and update are not controlled by convenience store companies. .

Convenience store fresh food channel, are you ready?

There are many ways to preserve fresh food. Modified atmosphere packaging is currently the mainstream of fresh food preservation. How to do a good job in modified atmosphere preservation is to choose a good quality modified atmosphere packaging machine. Zhejiang Mingwei Machinery Co., Ltd., established in 2012, is a professional intelligent fresh-keeping packaging equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating research, development and production. Mingwei people always keep in mind to promote the intelligent development of global packaging equipment. Research and develop advanced intelligent control atmosphere packaging machines, body-packing machines, full-line air-conditioning/body-packing complete sets of equipment, soft film stretching vacuum packaging equipment, thermoforming modified atmosphere packaging equipment, thermoforming body-packing equipment, etc. These include a fully automatic intelligent drop box system, an automatic material loading system, an automatic modified atmosphere packaging system, a metal detection system, a weighing and labeling system, an automatic identification and packaging system, and a complete set of unmanned intelligent packaging production lines. The products are mainly used for low-temperature preservation and long-term storage of fresh meat, cooked food, fruits and vegetables, aquatic products, dry goods, medicinal materials, etc.


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