Moldy event of high-speed rail lunch boxes__How to control food packaging damage

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Moldy event of high-speed rail lunch boxes__How to control food packaging damage

On the evening of September 8, 2018, Wuhan citizens Mr. Zhu and Mr. Xia took the high-speed train G505 from Beijing to Wuhan. They went to the dining car at around 7 pm to buy two boxes of lunch. When I opened it, I found that the lunch box was seriously moldy and deteriorated, and I immediately complained to the staff on the train. Mr. Xia, who was with Mr. Zhu, ate more than half of the boxed lunch because he didn't pay attention, and he had vomiting and diarrhea. The railway department attached great importance to it, and the Guangzhou Railway Food Safety Supervision and Administration Office immediately set up an investigation team to investigate the incident. Guangzhou EMU Catering Company has removed all products of the same batch for storage on the same day, and suspended the purchase of EMU lunch boxes from Shanghai Xincheng Food Co., Ltd. The railway department stated that the relevant investigation results and accountability will be announced to the public in a timely manner, and sincere apologies to passengers. Today, with the great development of high-speed railways, the "moldy box lunches" that have appeared on high-speed railways more than once, as well as the shortcomings of high-speed railway services reflected by them, undoubtedly hindered the development of high-speed railways.

It can be seen that the box lunch incident involves the quality of the box lunch, the quality of the packaging, the supply chain problem and the sealing of the box lunch package, so it has to be solved from several aspects.

Modified atmosphere packaging for freshness

Netizens questioned the shelf life of high-speed rail lunch boxes as high as half a year. In fact, this kind of box lunch with a shelf life of half a year is a new type of canned food developed in the 1960s to improve the US Army field food packaging. Compared with traditional cans, the packaging of such soft cans is lighter, more convenient to open, and lower in production cost. As a canned motor car lunch, it has also been sterilized at high temperature, and the difference is mainly in the packaging material. The packaging of such cans is made of high temperature resistant composite film materials, which are often referred to as "soft cans". The sealed lunch box should be sent to an autoclave, usually sterilized at 121 degrees Celsius for 35 minutes. Under the action of high temperature, all microorganisms in food can be killed, and high temperature will also inactivate various proteases and lipases. Most of the vitamins in the food are destroyed due to the long-term high temperature processing. And this process can also affect the taste of the food, making it less palatable than a fresh meal.

On the one hand, we want to extend the shelf life, and on the other hand, we want to maintain the taste of the meal. Zhejiang Mingwei Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. recommends the use of modified atmosphere packaging, which has a longer shelf life than ordinary packaging, and has a better taste and higher nutritional value than traditional "soft can" lunch boxes.

Modified atmosphere packaging technology (MAP) is a common foreign technology for preserving fresh food and dishes. The use of modified atmosphere packaging for fast food lunches can extend the shelf life and there is no secondary pollution. Results The use of modified atmosphere packaging technology could prolong the shelf life of fresh convenience dishes and fast food at room temperature of 20 ℃ by 7 days; while the normally produced food was stored under the same conditions for 16 hours, and the bacterial index was significantly different.

Zhejiang Mingwei Packaging Machinery Gas Mixer fills the fast food packaging with mixed fresh-keeping gas to inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and microorganisms. Modified atmosphere packaging can ensure the quality of fast food packaging and prolong the shelf life of cooked food. It has already been applied abroad, and has also begun to be favored by many food manufacturers in China. As a manufacturer of fresh-keeping equipment, Zhejiang Mingwei Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. provides food companies with modified atmosphere packaging fresh-keeping solutions.

Although the modified atmosphere packaged lunch will be more expensive than the ordinary packaged lunch, compared with the current high-priced box lunch of the high-speed rail, it is enough to use the modified atmosphere package to replace the ordinary packaging price. Consumers can buy fast food with better taste and better quality at a similar price. It's just that the cost of the railway sector will increase. Zhejiang Mingwei believes that this slightly increased cost is more effective than the health and safety of passengers and its own reputation.


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