Q&A on Modified Atmosphere Packaging Frequently Asked Questions

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Q&A on Modified Atmosphere Packaging Frequently Asked Questions

With the development of the times and the improvement of living standards, modified atmosphere packaging with beautiful appearance and food preservation is more and more popular among people. So what problems do we often encounter in modified atmosphere packaging?

1. How can we extend the shelf life of our products by using a modified atmosphere packaging system?

Temperature, cleanliness, packaging, and gas mixtures are all factors that determine the shelf life of food. Typically, the shelf life of a product can be increased from a few days to a few weeks. For more detailed information, please visit the Shanghai Zhonglin website.

2. Can I freeze modified atmosphere packaged food?

Can. However, when the food kept in the box/bag melts, your product loses a lot of moisture and doesn't look as fresh and tasty. Also, make sure that the packaging material you use is suitable for freezing.

3. When I open the food package, I can smell a special smell. How can this phenomenon be explained?

Food is packaged correctly in most cases, this is a normal phenomenon. Each food product releases a gas composed of volatiles that is unique to them and accumulates in the headspace. Open the package and wait for a minute. If the smell has not dissipated, then it is necessary to check the quality of the product.

4. Which gas or gas mixture is used in the cooked meat process?

Meat can be successfully cooked in the presence of CO2 and N2. The mixing ratio needs to refer to different meat types and meat cuts. ₂₂₂

5. What gas mixture should we use?

The type of gas mixture needs to be determined based on the type of food, your proposed shelf life and the user of the product. For detailed information, you can contact Zhejiang Mingwei, and you need to go through experiments to tell you the suitable gas mixture you need.

6. What is the reason for the condensation of water vapor in our packaging?

The most likely cause of condensation is the difference in product temperature and storage temperature. We can add a transparent anti-fog film to the packaging. The product is to be kept at a low temperature in the range during packaging and this temperature or lower is also maintained during product storage. The packaging should also be pierceable so that the residual oxygen levels in the packaging can be checked.

7. Why is the modified atmosphere packaging concave?

This is a normal physical phenomenon and occurs mostly in products with higher water content. CO2 is a basic compound in the modified atmosphere gas mixture, CO2 is easily dissolved in the water and fat contained in the food to ensure that the food has a lower temperature. This is why many products that contain CO2 in the headspace create a certain vacuum inside them

8. How do we know that the headspace volume and gas mixture ratio in the product packaging is correct?

The German WITT we provide has a special gas analyzer to complete this task. These analyzers will give you fairly accurate information about the residual oxygen content of the gas mixture inside your product. Establishing a good quality control system can avoid quality problems in a large number of products. We can help you choose the equipment that is right for you.

9. How much residual oxygen should be kept in the product packaging?

This is closely related to your product. Please contact Zhejiang Mingwei, we will provide you with good advice.


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