Successful process case of modified atmosphere packaging of cooked food braised products

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Successful process case of modified atmosphere packaging of cooked food braised products

Production status before modified atmosphere packaging: natural cooling with fans, pocket packaging or vacuum packaging. The taste of food changes greatly, only the quality can be preserved but not fresh, and the sales radius is small.

improve proposals:

1. Workshop pre-cooling. After the customer communicated with our company, we issued the whole process flow chart of cooked food modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging. The pre-cooling workshop was rearranged, and the air-conditioning pre-cooling mode was adopted to spread out the food as much as possible to reduce the cooling time of the food.

2. Personnel management, change the loose management mode in the past, and strictly sterilize personnel entering and leaving.

3. Workshop management, in accordance with strict disinfection and ventilation measures management process.

4. Equipment improvement: The modified atmosphere packaging machine with high-end imported replacement system from Jixin Company is selected. The residual oxygen in the packaging is below 0.5%. The mixer system is imported from Germany, which stabilizes the gas ratio and lasts for a long time.

The preservation period is more than 10 days, and the number of colonies submitted for inspection is all within the qualified range.

Bring benefit value:

Locked fresh-packed modified atmosphere packaging allows the company to sell more flexibly, replenish products at any time, and reduce losses to less than 2%.

The fresh-locked modified atmosphere packaging has expanded the sales radius to the whole country, and the sales volume has doubled in 3 months.

Personnel management, sales management is more simple and effective.


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