The advantages and application of modified atmosphere packaging in food preservation

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The advantages and application of modified atmosphere packaging in food preservation

The advantages and application of modified atmosphere packaging in food preservation

There are many ways to keep food fresh, and modified atmosphere packaging is one of the advanced methods. The so-called modified atmosphere means that food is placed in a certain proportion of ideal mixed gas to prolong the biochemical deterioration of life. At present, fresh fruits and vegetables, clean vegetables, cut vegetables, and food products in major supermarkets in Europe and the United States have spread all over the shelves under the condition of cold chain circulation. Under the conditions of high economy, fast pace and strict requirements in Western countries, modified atmosphere packaging is more Development is important, which is not only a new subject of food engineering, but also an inevitable law of historical development.

Composite modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging, collectively referred to as map packaging internationally, the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping gas used is generally composed of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen and a small amount of special gases. Carbon dioxide can inhibit the growth and reproduction of most aerobic spoilage bacteria and molds; oxygen inhibits the growth and reproduction of most anaerobic spoilage bacteria; maintain the color of fresh meat, maintain aerobic respiration and freshness of fresh fruits and vegetables; nitrogen is used as filling gas. The composition ratio of the composite gas is properly selected according to the type of food, preservation requirements and packaging materials to achieve the effect of high preservation quality of the packaged food, good preservation of nutrients, truly achieving the original properties and delaying the shelf life of preservation.

The so-called food preservation is to maintain the original fresh state of the food. For cooked food, it is about keeping the cooked food fresh on the day it was made. Traditional packaging and storage can only solve the problem of food quality, but cannot keep food fresh. Due to the problem of the preservation period, many real specialty food stores cannot go out of their homes and cannot be sold overnight, and the market radius is very narrow, thus losing a huge consumer group.

The emerging compound modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging has solved the problem of food fresh-keeping to a large extent, and can extend the fresh-keeping period of cooked food from 1 day to more than 7 days, which greatly expands the market radius of manufacturers, and also enables consumers to be able to store food at their doorstep. Tasting local specialties thousands of miles away has made a better balance between freshness and safety period for consumers.

Cakes without cream can be kept fresh for 20-30 days at room temperature, and moon cakes and pudding cakes can be kept fresh for 60-90 days at room temperature with high-barrier composite film. Soy products and cooked meat products of livestock and poultry can be filled with carbon dioxide and nitrogen, which can effectively inhibit the reproduction of coliform bacteria. Keep fresh for 5-12 days at room temperature of 20℃-25℃, keep fresh for about 30 days at room temperature after conditioning and sterilization at 85℃-90℃, and keep fresh for 60-90 days at 0℃-4℃ refrigerated temperature.

With the continuous rapid growth of China's economy and the continuous improvement of domestic consumption levels, consumers pay more and more attention to the safety and freshness of food, and fresh-keeping food will surely become a new economic growth point for food production enterprises. At the same time, modified atmosphere protection technology is an important part of the quality monitoring system of modern food processing industry. It is a more reliable and cost-effective advanced technology for deep freezing or the traditional way of using preservatives.


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