The difference between modified atmosphere lock fresh packaging and vacuum packaging

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The difference between modified atmosphere lock fresh packaging and vacuum packaging

1. What is a vacuum packaging machine?

For fresh meat, vacuum packaging has the following advantages:

(1) Prevent drying out.

The packaging material provides a barrier to water vapour, preventing drying and keeping the surface of the fresh meat soft.

(2) Prevent oxidation.

When vacuuming, oxygen and air are removed together, and the packaging material is shielded from the atmosphere, so that no oxygen enters the packaging bag, and oxidation is completely prevented.

(3) Prevent the loss of meat flavor.

The packaging material can effectively block the overflow of volatile aromatic substances, and also prevent the transfer of taste between different products.

(4) Avoid freezing loss.

The packaging material insulates the product from the outside world, so ice formation and air-drying during freezing minimise losses.

Defects of vacuum packaging

The principle of vacuum packaging is relatively simple: remove oxygen in the packaging to prevent changes in the properties of the contents (such as food spoilage). Generally speaking, when the oxygen concentration is less than 1%, the growth and reproduction speed of microorganisms will drop rapidly. Vacuum-packed low-temperature meat The shelf life of products is generally more than one month. However, if the contaminating microorganisms, especially the vigorous rot-causing strains, will continue to grow and multiply, the products will often spoil during the shelf life and affect the quality of the products.

Vacuum packaging cannot inhibit the reproduction of anaerobic bacteria and the food deterioration and discoloration caused by the reaction of enzymes. Lactic acid bacteria are the main spoilage bacteria in vacuum-packed low-temperature meat products. When low-temperature meat products are vacuum-packed, in the early stage of storage, these spoilage bacteria are often not detected (<10cfu/g) by culturing, but then the product is rapidly spoiled. Such spoilage characteristics increase the spoilage rate of the product, giving Quality management has caused great difficulties and product safety has also been seriously threatened. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to combine other auxiliary methods, such as refrigeration, high temperature sterilization, pickling, etc. The vacuum sealing machine is mainly to isolate all connections between the product and the outside world. The food vacuum packaging machine, in the actual application, is mainly used to produce microorganisms to prevent food oxidation.

2. What is a modified atmosphere packaging machine?

The modified atmosphere packaging machine evacuates the original packaging box and fills it with a certain proportion of mixed gas to effectively preserve and protect the packaged food. Modified atmosphere packaging machine is a necessary food packaging equipment for large-scale food enterprises, distribution enterprises of fresh meat, cooked food, fruits, vegetables, etc., and large-scale stores.

Modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine is a box-type modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine specially launched for cold meat, cooked food, fruits and vegetables, etc. The food is isolated from the outside air, and the mixed gas is filled in the tray to keep the original flavor and appearance of the packaged food for a long time, and to inhibit the breeding of various bacteria and microorganisms to a large extent.

The equipment adopts the method of fully enclosed vacuum replacement to inflate and preserve food, that is, when the vacuum chamber is fully closed, the vacuum chamber is evacuated by a vacuum pump, so that the vacuum chamber forms a high degree of vacuum, and then it is filled with suitable food for extended preservation. gas. This packaging method can reduce the residual oxygen content in the container, which is beneficial to accurately control the proportion of various fresh-keeping gases. The gas replacement rate of the fully enclosed vacuum replacement method can reach ≥99%, which effectively solves the traditional flushing compensation method. Due to the high residual oxygen content of modified atmosphere packaging, the preservation effect is poor, the proportion of gas charged is inconsistent, and the shelf life of fresh-keeping food cannot be grasped and controlled.

Who has the highest cost between the modified atmosphere lock fresh packaging machine and the vacuum packaging machine?

The cost of modified atmosphere packaging is the same as that of vacuum packaging materials. The increased cost of modified atmosphere packaging is mainly gas costs. Gas cost calculation: the price of carbon dioxide is higher among the three gases, and the pressure of each high-pressure carbon dioxide cylinder is 13-15mpa. The cylinder volume is about 40 liters, the gas weight is about 10kg, and the inflation price is 30 yuan/bottle. For example: the mixed gas is all calculated as carbon dioxide, the weight of each liter of gas with a pressure of 0.1mpa is about 3g, and the cost is (30/10x1000)x3=0.009 yuan/liter. That is, the cost of 1 liter of gas with a pressure of 0.1 mpa is less than a penny. With the development of society, more and more young people will go to the supermarket to buy various packaged foods, and use modified atmosphere Packaged food can keep its quality and freshness.


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