What are the differences between modified atmosphere packaging machine and traditional refrigeration technology?

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What are the differences between modified atmosphere packaging machine and traditional refrigeration technology?

In recent years, "how to better apply modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging to food preservation, so as to extend the shelf life of food to a greater extent." It once became the focus of the food packaging machinery industry. At the same time, with the advent of the era of intelligent packaging, higher requirements have also been placed on modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging equipment. Among many food preservation technologies, modified atmosphere packaging is one of the more advanced technologies at present. So, what are the differences between the modified atmosphere packaging machine and the traditional refrigeration technology? Come and see it with Mingwei Machinery.

The modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine, as the name suggests, uses the method of controlling the proportion of gas to achieve the purpose of storage and fresh-keeping. The modified atmosphere preservation technology is a technology that prolongs the storage life and shelf life of food by adjusting the ambient gas. Physiological and biochemical processes of food spoilage and microbial activities, the key to this technology is to regulate gas. In addition, two very important control conditions, temperature and relative humidity, must also be considered while selecting the composition and concentration of the regulating gas.

We know that the traditional refrigerated and frozen preservation is to reduce the temperature below the freezing point to achieve the preservation effect by inhibiting the activity of microorganisms. Frozen food needs to be thawed before eating, so it will greatly damage the freshness, quality, taste and nutrition of the stored food, especially when the stored food leaves the refrigerated and frozen environment, the maturation and corruption process will be accelerated, and it must be eaten as soon as possible. This is because the volume of ice is larger than that of water. When the water contained in the cell freezes at low temperature, the cell membrane wall will be damaged and die. After being heated and melted, it will not have the life characteristics of the cell, so it is different from the living body. There is a huge difference between the freshness in the state.

The modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine artificially controls the proportion of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, ethylene and other components in the gas, humidity, temperature (above the freezing point) and air pressure, and delays the metabolic process by inhibiting the respiration of the stored cells. It is in a state of near dormancy, rather than a state of cell death, so that the texture, color, taste, nutrition, etc. of the stored objects can be kept basically unchanged for a long time, thereby achieving the effect of long-term preservation. Even after the fresh-keeping storage material is removed from the air-conditioned fresh-keeping environment, its cell life activities will still maintain the normal metabolic rate in the natural environment, and will not mature and decay quickly.

The modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine is suitable for the distribution of fresh meat, cooked braised food, fruits, vegetables (clean vegetables), lunch boxes, cakes, etc. Modified atmosphere packaged food can maintain the original taste, color, shape and nutrition of the food, and at the same time, combined with its own food technology, it can achieve a longer preservation period. Customers can also customize the equipment according to the shape of the package and the actual situation of the output demand. It is suitable for box packaging of various foods. It can continuously and automatically complete the vacuuming and filling of mixed preservation gas (usually CO2, N2, O2). Mixing gas), sealing and packaging, slitting, and discharging of finished packaging (assembly line: can be connected to metal detection, weighing, and labeling systems).


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